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I recently heard that Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and a group of about 40 pro-family, Evangelical leaders met to discuss next year’s elections. The conclusion that they came to was that if the nominated Republican was not pro-life, they would support a third party candidate… possibly Dr. Dobson himself.

Part of me greatly rejoices that Dr. Dobson may possibly run for the Presidency. However, a part of me mourns at the fact that by doing so almost assures that Hillary Clinton would be our next Commander-In-Chief. The Republican base would certainly be split at that scenario, paving the way for an easy victory by Hillary, who is an anti-God, socialist radical.

But how do you choose the lesser of two evils? If Dr. Dobson runs I would most likely vote for him, even though he would have no chance of winning, knowing that he would siphon off enough votes to guarantee us at least
four years… if not eight, of another Clinton Presidency. Can our county withstand the damage she would do to us in that time?

In the coming months I will really be seeking God’s council on this divisive matter. In the meantime, I would really appreciate your advice. Please email me at Joseph@HoustonChristianMagazine.com if you care to share your thoughts with me.

In Christ,

Joseph R. Menslage
Houston Christian Magazine
(713) 722-7017

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Staff Writer

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