Meet Paul Day

Paul Day is a Pro-Life, Christian Conservative, dedicated family man and professional law enforcement officer with a career in Harris County spanning over 30 years. Paul will bring about positive long term solutions to the challenges facing the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO).

As your Sheriff, just some of Paul’s goals are to make the HCSO more efficient, effective, transparent and accountable to you, the citizens and tax payers of Harris County. Paul Day will bring a level of law enforcement experience and expertise to the HCSO that few candidates possess.

Currently; Paul is employed by the Houston Police Department (HPD) as a Senior Police Officer for the North Command Patrol. Paul attended in 1976 the Houston Police Academy, “Class 75” and was appointed class President and was an Honor Graduate.

As a Biblically based Evangelical Christian Paul believes and has said; “there is truly only one way to solve America’s crime problem, by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord”. Only through Christ’s salvation can hearts be changed and individuals then make the right choices in life regarding sin and crime.

Paul is proud to be endorsed by; Houston Christian Magazine, Fraternal Order of Police, Local 109, long time friend; Evangelist Doug Stringer and other major Christian leaders throughout Harris County. Please visit Paul’s website at “”. If you feel God has called you to help Paul become the next Harris County Sheriff, you can volunteer at our Campaign Headquarters located at, 17611 Kuykendahl Rd. Suite B, or call 713.589.5300. Our email address is, This article has been approved by; the Paul Day for Harris County Sheriff political campaign.

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