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I once heard a pastor tell a story about a friend of his who the Chaplin at a prison.  It was getting close to Mother’s Day, and an inmate asked the Chaplin for a card for his mother. The Chaplin was happy to help, and before long the word got out, and almost every prisoner got the pastor to get a card for their Mother’s too.

He was very excited about the opportunity that God had given him to develop a outreach to the prisoners. He reasoned to himself that since Father’s Day was only a month away, he would make preparations now and get Father’s Day cards in advance to avoid the rush. Sadly, Father’s Day came and went, and not one inmate had asked him for a card for their father.

All too often I hear how Father’s have abandoned their kids… or worse. It is my prayer that father’s everywhere would step up to the plate and be the men that God called them to be.  I know that we are exhausted by day’s end and need time to unwind, but make an effort to spend quality time everyday with your family. Before you know it, they’ll be grown, and we will never have that opportunity again to make an impact in their young lives.

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