Thoughts for Fathers’ Day

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Fathers you  are so special. You make children strong. You give them the courage to try new things.  Fathers give children a sense of identity and worth.  Dads, you are so powerful and influential over the next generation.

As I look around, I see that we have so many great dads in our church! Dads who are faithful to their families. Dads who work hard to provide for their families. Dads who stand in the gap for their families, their church, and their friends. Dads who help each other grow stronger in the Lord.  And I wondered why? Why are we so blessed? It’s because our dads seek the Lord and hear His voice.

As a man grows in his relationship with the Lord, he is gradually molded more and more into the image of Christ, who is the image of the Father. Joseph, the dad to Jesus, must have been an awesome man of God. Father God entrusted His only begotten son into Joseph’s care. Was it because Joseph was exceedingly wealthy in money? Probably not. Did he never lose his temper? Was he never impatient or frustrated? Probably not. He was, however, a man who honored God in all he did. Can you imagine being in his position? Your fiancé is with child, but you KNOW it isn’t yours? Surely he felt anger and betrayal. Surely he felt the desire for revenge. Yet, he chose to deal with mercy towards Mary, even though he had the legal right to have her put to death. He prayed for direction and when he heard from the Lord, he was obedient, and still married her. Can you imagine what his family and friends were telling him? Surely they didn’t want him to be merciful. Certainly they were offended and outraged when he went on and married her. And aren’t we glad he did!?!

So dads, I encourage you today. You have something precious and of great treasure to give to the next generation. They are so hungry for what you have. Affirm them. Lead them by your example. Jesus had a great example of listening for God’s voice.  Show them that men seek the Lord, and find Him, and hear Him.

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