2010 Katy Christian Magazine Voters’ Guide

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Editor’s note: Katy Christian Magazine is proud to offer its endorsement for the following candidates. We identified candidates based on issues that are important to Christians. You will notice that we choose not to endorse a candidate in every race– only those that we’ve researched. Additionally, we did not list candidates who are unopposed. Regardless of your political affiliation, Katy Christian Magazine encourages its readers to be an active part of the political process and participate in local, region, and national elections. For additional information on elections in Texas, visit the Texas Secretary of State’s website at

Katy Christian Magazine’s 2010 Endorsements:

U.S. Representative District 10
Michael McCaul

U.S. Representative District 18
Tim Graney

U.S. Representative District 18
Brenda Page

U.S. Representative District 29
Eric Story

Rick Perry

Justice Supreme Court Place 3
Rick Green

District Judge 280th District
Lynn Bradshaw-Hull

Family District Judge 308th District
James Lombardino

Family District Judge 309th District
Sheri Y. Dean

Family District Judge 311th District
Anthony Magdaleno

County Criminal Court No. 3
Natalie Fleming

County Criminal Court No. 4
John Clinton

County Criminal Court No. 13
Rachel Ann Palmer

District Clerk
Chris Daniel

Justice of the Peace Pct. 5, Place 2
Jeff Williams

Harris County Republican Party Chairman
Ed Hubbard

State Representative District 149
Jack O’Connor

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