Arizona Immigration Reality Check

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America was built in large part by immigrants. That’s not debatable. The question is: what kind of immigrant? To distinguish, (yes, to “discriminate” between that which is desirable and that which isn’t) is critical to the solution.

Particularly over the last century, America has welcomed immigrants from throughout the world. They certainly wanted a better life here, and were willing and often anxious to leave their former world behind and truly become American. Most were desirous of the opportunities and freedoms that America provided, and were cognizant of the responsibilities that were part of the package.

The hope of America was a dream, an ideal, something of great value, a higher standard to live up to; something a person was both responsible and exceedingly grateful for; something very precious, worth the cost of great sacrifice. They wanted only the opportunity, not handouts. They humbly wanted to become American, not to re-make America in the image of their former nation or culture with, frankly, its’ limitations and failures.

We used to limit the number of immigrants. We would regularly reduce our intake of immigrants until other immigrants were more successfully assimilated. In other words, we were interested in the quality of citizen the immigrant would make, their successful assimilation, and the overall process of immigration in increasing the number of good Americans for the good of America and all her citizens. What was wrong with that?

Now, the apparent attitude is that we must take almost anyone, from anywhere, in any number, for any reason, lest we be “racist.” This is lunacy. We must restore order and sanity to our broken borders. We must realize our borders are broken and porous, and our laws intentionally un-enforced thanks to the globalists who want to dissolve borders between nations (which is un-Biblical). It is past time for Americans to demand that the federal government do its job, and fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.

We were founded as a nation of laws, not of men and selfish agendas. People can bring their agendas to the table and negotiate legislatively the laws that we will all live by. But living by the law is less and less the case anymore. Seemingly everyone, including deceived and un-discerning leaders in the church (representing all denominations and theological streams), is doing “what is right in their own eyes.” It is lawlessness.

Our President, who intentionally does nothing to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books, criticizes the Arizona immigration law. He thinks the states have no rights in this regard. He is wrong on both counts. As President, he is the constitutionally mandated executive authority to enforce the laws Congress has passed. He continues to fail.

The Constitution, in Article 1 Section 8 says

•  “The Congress shall have Power To….provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States;…” (Which it is not doing.)

•  “To establish an uniform Rule of a Naturalization,…” (Which it has done but is not enforcing.)

•  “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;…” (Which it is not doing.)

However, in Section 10 of Article 1, the Constitution also addresses the state’s responsibilities:

•  No State shall, without the Consent of Congress…..enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

Now that is clear constitutional authorization for Arizona to protect its’ state and citizens in whatever way is necessary to respond to an “invasion.” An unarmed invasion by lawless people is still an invasion (this one isn’t unarmed anymore), and should be viewed as an assault on America in general and a sovereign state of the union in particular. The point is that for Arizona to do nothing would not only be a failure to uphold the rule of law, but a clear violation of Arizona’s duties under the Constitution. (The anti-American ACLU’s opposition to the Arizona law is further proof of the law’s validity!)

Sanctuary cities like San Francisco violate the Constitution and federal law by passing laws protecting illegal aliens. For Arizona to “lie down” and allow this invasion of illegals from Mexico would make them a de-facto “sanctuary state.”

A professing Christian asked me the rhetorical question recently “would Jesus call these illegal aliens ‘illegal’?” The Biblical response is obvious. Yes, of course Jesus would call them illegal just as he would call someone that broke into your house a thief. He is not confused by word games, or the socialist-Marxist agenda masquerading as “Christian compassion” and/or “social justice.”

It is a sobering thing to think that on Judgment Day, Jesus will say to some “depart from me, I never knew you…you who practice lawlessness.” There are many professing Christians who are lawless at heart. But as Mike Murdoch says, God’s “obsession” is order. That puts Him squarely at odds with chaos and confusion. Order is the nature of His Kingdom. He will one day rule and reign with “a rod of iron” (Revelation 2:27), and there will be order, not semi-controlled anarchy and lawlessness masquerading as “freedom.”

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