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One day an atheist was talking a walk in the woods. He was admiring the giant trees in the forest and thought to himself, “what magnificent trees these are!” He got close to a river and heard the roar of the waters and pondered, “What a powerful river this is!”

As he walked he heard some noise in the bushes behind him and saw a giant grizzly bear coming after him. The atheist started running for his life but the bear steadily gained on him. He looked over his shoulder to see the bear on his heels and as he did, he tripped over a log and fell. He rolled over and saw the bear just as it started to lunge for him and the atheist screamed with all of his might “Oh God!”

Suddenly everything froze and a light appeared out of Heaven and God spoke, “All of your life you denied my existence. You have even taught others not to believe in Me and now, if your hour of need, you call on My name. Do you expect Me to believe that you are a Christian?

The atheist thought about it for a moment and relied, “You are right God. It would be hypocritical on my part to suddenly call upon you and after living my entire life in denial of you. But I ask you this, please make the bear a Christian.”

God responded “alright” and suddenly everything unfroze. The bear looked at the man, smiled, and fell to his knees and began to pray, “Dear God, thank you for this wonderful meal that you have provided for me this day!”

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