The Dynamic Mind Summer Student Workshop

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The Dynamic Mind science-based student workshop helps engineer positive changes in the brain. Consequently, attendees learn to use more of their brain’s natural ability. Brittney Hough a St. Louis student stated, “I make A’s on tests I used to make C’s in, My memory and reading improved in ways I never thought possible and it all stuck with me. In fact, it has gotten even better as time has passed!”

During the past 5 years, the Dynamic Mind Workshop has reached large numbers of students, teachers and college professors who expressed great enthusiasm for the workshop’s benefits. Kenneth Graham, Public School Superintendent for Big Sandy ISD declared, “The Dynamic Mind Workshop benefits everyone. I intend to have all of my students and teachers attend one.”

Rachel Groebner a 14-year-old LaMarque student acknowledged, “I have ADD, but in 3 days I went from reading 132 words per minute with little comprehension to 1,200 words and 100% comprehension. My memory improved over 30 times along with my listening and visualization skills.”

Today, MTI has developed a workshop specifically for students. It was used successfully in New Orleans with four high schools where graduating seniors saw their learning quadruple while reading scores skyrocketed from an average of 110 words per minute and 30% comprehension to 470 words per minute with 85% comprehension. Average composite memory scores went from 15% to 70%.

“It’s a miracle,” said Headmaster Milton Montgomery of Ridgewood Prep in Metairie, LA. I am happy to have been part of this.”

Isma Luquette, Director of Metairie, LA’s Jefferson Reading Clinic affirmed, “It was the single most outstanding workshop I have ever attended during the many years I have been a teacher.”

In Houston, the Aldine Independent School District opened the doors of its Hall Academy for a large-scale pilot study. The student workshop produced stunning results as students rose from an average reading effectiveness score of 54 words per minute to 334 words per minute, providing a remarkable 619% increase. More importantly was an underlying increase in focus, comprehension, listening retention and memory. For example, the student’s cognitive memory composite moved increased over 400%.

Attending Hall Academy teachers received comparable benefits as the students. They improved from an average reading effectiveness of 150 words per minute to 533 words per minute. At the same time their average composite memory scores rose from an average of 36.7% to 94.6%.

Both Groups experienced significant increase in listening comprehension and recall so that by the workshop’s end, all were able to listen and later recall foreign language vocabularies using eight languages such that when tested later, scored in the 90 percentile.

Sharonda Charles, attending Aldine ISD Teacher stated, “The Mind Technologies program was extremely beneficial to students and teachers. Students lit up as they recalled information impossible for them to have learned before. There was a level of interest I had never seen before. Everyone participated, asking questions and actually enjoying their time learning new information.”

The Dynamic Mind Workshop builds a strong foundation for a student’s educational experience by encouraging positive brain development. This helps students learn more efficiently by using more of their brain.

Well know physician, Dr. Richard Walker with practices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston said about the Dynamic Mind Workshop, “It is solid science for the entire mind. There is nothing like it in the world. It is life changing, and it will make a difference.”

For more information check out their website at or call 832-526-0714.

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