Letter From The Publisher

Two summers ago, when Barack Obama was running for President, I asked people if they were planning to get out and vote. Some were but I was shocked to see how many said they were not going to. Many said there wasn’t an ounce of difference between McCain and Obama. Some Christian’s even believe that we Christian’s shouldn’t vote.

I’m surprised at the answers from people who said they don’t think they should vote! I think we most definitely should. Just because we recognize God as being in control doesn’t mean we should sit passively by and do nothing… regarding politics or any other issue in life. God says to “consider the lilies of the field and how they toil not…” (Matthew 6:28)

So you’re not going to work, but will just sit by and wait for God to dump what you need on top of your head? To me, it’s the same principle. I will be voting, in spite of the fact that the political system in our country I believe has become terribly corrupt.

If we are to stand up for the principles to what this county was founded on we should take this Novembers’ election extremely serious. I firmly believe that there is more riding on this election than any other time in my life. We can watch our Republic go by the wayside or make a stand for our Christian values.

We have put our voters guide in this issue to help you make an informed decision on whom to vote for if you are still undecided. The main qualifications in deciding whom to endorse are Pro-Life and Family Values. The important thing though is to vote… and to vote for every race on the ballot! So many good Christian’s were defeated locally two years ago by the slimmest of margins. Most of them would of won if people would of voted all the way down the ticket.

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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