Politics and Religion: Election 2010 – Another Chance?

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Despite the “lame-duck” insanity session being played out in the Congress as I write this, I am genuinely appreciative of the grace of God that was manifest in the November election. It was an historic election with overwhelming Republican gains in the House, and lesser but significant gains in the Senate. What happened in the House (gains of 65 or so seats) has not been seen in seven decades!

And yet, the leftist extremists who have hijacked the Democratic Party, led by the soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, still don’t get it, and show no signs of doing so. They were throwing parties congratulating themselves for what is essentially the hastening destruction of America thanks to their anti-God, anti-Constitution, anti-capitalist, anti-health, anti-freedom, pro-insolvency, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia agenda!

I not sure I’ve ever seen such delusion, especially on such a grand, public scale with such detrimental, life-impacting implications for us and our children! It was their own resistance to the will of the people, especially their obstinate refusal to hear the loud and clear message on “health-care,” which did them in – and rightfully so.

It is the true beauty of our nation: to materially change our government without a shot fired! It is truly a gift of our gracious God! It is a heritage left us by our founding fathers, and those men and women in uniform who have sacrificed their lives to protect those freedoms over the last two-plus centuries. Never take it for granted!

So what does the future hold? Maybe not so much if you ignore your opportunity. Don’t be like most Christians over the last few decades who, if they voted righteously at all, typically “rolled over and went back to sleep” spiritually when an election went the right way.

I encourage you to keep a personal interest and keen awareness of developments in Washington (and Austin). It’s not that hard to track what is happening. Together, we can keep them accountable. Pray for our leaders. Pray for righteous outcomes of legislative agendas. Pray for salvation for those leaders who need it (one doesn’t have much chance to do much good or right if one doesn’t at least have the Bible and the Holy Spirit available to them for guidance in the “ways of truth”). Pray for those who are genuinely saved to live it personally, and exercise it in their governmental stewardship so as to obey the Constitutional limitations and Biblical foundations on which our nation is founded (and from which we stray to our own harm). Pray for them to get the revelation that “redistribution of wealth” is of the devil himself, that socialism is a tool of the devil to steal people’s dreams, kill their hopes, and destroy their faith (literally, particularly in the case of homosexual indoctrination of children in public schools).

Pray for them, and instruct them as your employees – your public servants who are there to represent and serve you – via calls, letters, faxes, and emails to perform the following:
1. Cut spending – drastically! Balance and reduce the federal budget!
2. Cut taxes!
3. Repeal “Obama-care”! Totally! Start over on health reform (if at all)!
4. Secure our borders!
5. Enforce (and tighten) our immigration laws, and our Visa regulations (as in cutting off easy visitation/migration from terrorist nations)!
6. Stop the D.R.E.A.M. Act, an initial amnesty for illegals leading to more of same!
7. Stop all efforts of the radical, militant homosexual agenda, including “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”!
8. Stop the “Food Safety” bill fraud (what I call “Obama-care Light,” or what one Senator’s Chief of Staff described to me as the “make food more expensive” bill.)
9. Reign in the TSA. The constitutional restriction on “unreasonable search and seizure” is now violated beyond reason, and inflicted on the innocent. It is past-time to “profile behaviors” of those who are more likely to be terrorists, and leave little children, elderly citizens, and hard-working, patriotic people alone.
10. Passage of a “bright line” bill making it overtly plain that Pastors and ministries can speak out on moral, political issues without fear of any retribution from the IRS, or lawsuits by opposing organizations. If possible, this should also include civil and perhaps criminal penalties for persons or organizations that misrepresent the law or threaten to abuse other’s rights of freedom of speech, such as the ACLU, Citizens United for the Separation of Church and State, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, etc.
11. Pass PRENDA, an upcoming, pro-life pre-natal bill protecting the right to life of the pre-born!
12. No confirmations of liberal, anti-Constitutionalist, immoral, anti-religious, globalist judges at any level!
13. Investigate/regulate the Fed!
14. Overturn Obama’s Gulf drilling moratorium!
15. Press the Justice Department to explore Julian Assange’s violations of the law, and imprison him as an enemy combatant. Indict him as the “high-tech” terrorist and traitor that he is.
16. The same for George Soros. Indict him as the economic terrorist he is.
17. Generally, encourage and instruct them to read the Constitution. Learn it. Obey it. Exercise it. Get really familiar with its limitations, and especially Article III, Section 2, which says the Congress has the authority (and duty) to limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court (and thus all other courts)! Then use it! Especially on issues of protecting traditional morality!

Make it known to them all that we want our freedom back!

That’s my beginning list for this new Congress, in this “New Year.” Pray these things in. Write, fax, and call your Congressman and Senators regularly. Do not back off. Do not get slack. Stay alert and informed. Focus on the Lord and the fullness of His Kingdom come; individually, spiritually, and in the “natural order” of our civil and governmental structure! We Christians, we true patriots of our God-given nation, have a lot of work to do – while we still can!

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