Faith and Fast Cars

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Most little boys grow up playing with cars. Alec Udell is no exception . . . except the vehicles he plays with have real motors! This Houston area race car driver has ties to Katy and has made history as the youngest World Challenge SCAA driver to ever qualify and race in the division. Needless to say, he’s not your every day high school freshman!

Most 15-year-olds are simply not capable of handling high performance race cars, taking on drivers with twice the experience. But Udell seemed destined for speed early on. Like most boys, he loved to handle anything that moved and still remembers one fateful day in kindergarten. “My grandfather gave me a go-kart and it changed my life,” says Udell.. “I floored it and never looked back.” With hard work and focus, he gradually earned his way into go-kart championships. it took years on the track with untold hours of practicing and competing, but he became a top driver. The highlight of his go-kart racing career occurred at the end of the 2010 season – he placed 3rd in the rotax Pan-Am National point championship. It earned him a spot on the 2010 United States World Finals team and propelled him into auto racing.

His grandfather also impacted his life in another way. “I wear a St. Christopher medal close to my heart,” says Udell. “My grandfather gave it to me in third grade and it means a lot.” As a devout Christian raised in church by parents Kim and Bob, he prays before practices and competitions. With speeds upwards of 200 mph, the track can be a dangerous place. “Faith is a huge part of my life,” says Udell. “At home, at school, and as I race, I know Christ is always with me.”

Udell had to prove his skill and earn the licensing required to compete at the pro level. A special exemption was made for him to race at so young an age – the first in the 22 year history of the World Challenge Sports Car Club of America Pro Racing (SCAA) . In addition to his parent’s support, Udell has a driving coach, Stuart Robinson, and a local sports agent based out of Katy – Holly Chervnsik of Stinger Sports. Chervnsik is impressed with her young client who exhibits all the best qualities of a well-rounded young man. “Alec is a major talent on the track and an expert behind the wheel of his Momentum Autosports 2011 Riley Chevrolet Camaro,” says Chervnsik. “But he’s also an Honor Roll student who plays the guitar, sings, acts in school plays, runs track, and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.” Udell is an official driver for Momentum Racing. When he’s not competing, he practices at MSR Houston – a popular multi-use track.

Udell has a busy schedule, especially each spring and summer. But he manages to carve out a little down time. “For the last seven years, I’ve attended a Christian summer camp. It gives me a couple of weeks pressure down and let’s me just be a kid.” He’ll continue to chase his racing dreams throughout his teen years and into college – and beyond. The future is very bright for this talented young Christian.

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