God Works Through His People

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One of my favorite parables goes something like the following: “There came a time when a flood was approaching a certain area. Firefighters were sent out house to house to warn everyone to evacuate. They came across this one old man who looked at them and said, ‘God will  provide I’ll be all right. ‘The flood waters started to rise, and men in boats were sent out to rescue the stragglers. The came upon the same old man who assured them ‘God will protect me, I’ll be fine right here.’. The waters continued to rise and the man was by this time on his roof. A helicopter was sent around to rescue survivors. The old man once again refused help saying. ‘God will keep me safe, don’t worry about me.’ The waters rose, and rose, and the man drowned. He got to heaven and came before God himself. Somewhat confused and disappointed he looked at God, and said ‘What happened I thought you were looking after me and would protect me.?’ God looked back at him and in his booming voice said ‘You idiot, who do you think sent the firefighters, the boat, and the helicopter.’”

People too often get distracted waiting for the “ parting of the red sea,” and miss the small every day miracles happening all around us. People also fail to realize that one of the greatest provisions God makes for filling our needs is each other. This is one of the great values in marriage for instance. Its much like what I said on Facebook recently, “ When you bring a matter to God’s attention, don’t be surprised if HIS answer is YOU !”

I’ve even seen the same thing in my own ministry. I’ve been active in ministry on the internet since 1998, so my email is accessible to many people I don’t know. Years ago out of the blue I got an email from a teenage boy. He wrote to me about how depressed he felt, and how as a Christian he had even prayed about it but nothing seemed to be changing. I had nothing but an email so I was forced to depend on God to be able to reach this young man. The second I turned this matter over to God, four or five lines flashed into my head. I wrote these words into an email to my new correspondent. Early next day the young man wrote back. He said he knew he would be ok now, because just to read MY words he was healed. Now you are reading this in a magazine so obviously I have a bit of a reputation for putting one word in front of another. However I am the first to admit that I’m not THAT good, not by myself. I have always pointed to this as a clear example of God working through me and my gifts he has given me to make a positive impact one somebody’s life.

It is because God has sent us out to care for each other that we are all given different gifts. Our heavenly father arranged things this way so that whatever we needed would be close at hand in the form of somebody. Of course this means that when we are in the midst of crisis we need to be even more open than usual to the actions of the people around us. People trying to help us, may actually be God trying to help us through them.

God cares more about the struggles in our life than you will ever imagine. In fact scripture tells us he even knows the count of the hairs on our heads !  The word also tells us that God gave man dominion over the earth.

Given that idea, how hard is it to believe that God would expect us to help one another through him ? Not very I think.

So remember when life is getting tough, and you really could use Devine help look around . Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. Its altogether possible God has provided the solution in the form of the people around you. You might not ordinarily think of the people around you as even being up to the task. But with God they are !

Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield is an ordained minister based in Katy. He is an emergency services chaplain who has served with the Katy Fire Department among other agencies. He continues in that role even today. He is also involved in organizing Compassion Church of Katy, a new church that he will serve as pastor. For more information visit, or contact Rev. Crutchfield at

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