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Greetings, my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Although the celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s have passed, we are a nation of observances. Now we look forward to St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and most importantly, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The Holy Days are upon us, a time of deep spiritual reflection. Christians around the world will honor the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior on March 31st—a sacrifice like no other. Only through His suffering and death do we become new creations in Jesus Christ.

Some will participate in special Sunday services, egg hunts and the stuffing of Easter baskets. Many faith communities follow the liturgical Lenten traditions, including New Creation Lutheran Church. Enjoy our Pastor Profile with Dr. Dale Olson as he shares the exciting growth of this brand new congregation. All are invited to the Grand Opening, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and other Lenten gatherings. For those seeking a new church home, this joyous church planting takes place in Fulshear.

Speaking of “planting,” springtime is just around the corner! With this in mind, we profile Eric Ford, a Christian business owner who owns and operates Superior Lawn and Landscaping. Ford notes that we never know what weather will affect us this time of year: rain, freezing temperatures or increasingly hot sunshine. One thing is for certain: Katyites look forward to a transition into blossoming beauty and more outdoor activity.

I want to mention a special endeavor by some very talented Katy students, inspired by the book Live for Today. When author Joe Barfield turned his novel into a screenplay, the subject matter touched the hearts of some local teens. This redemption story deals with bullying and the road to suicide… and how hope and faith can change lives. Though many said it couldn’t be done, a talented young cast of actors and crew collaborated to shoot a full-length faith-based feature film. We are excited to share this amazing, nearly unheard of feat.

All this and much more fills the pages of our February/March 2013 issue. Let’s support one another as we head into a promising new season. Let’s pray unceasingly for our community and nation, and may our Christian families and Christian businesses be richly blessed.

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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