Covenant Preparatory Christian Academy – A University-Model School

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By Karri Fieglein
Director, Covenant Preparatory Christian Academy

A growing movement in school choice is the University-Model school.  Described by Focus on the Family as “an intentional home school/private school blend that specifically assigns education curriculum to both the home and classroom,  the [university-model] approach is intended to create a college-like setting that uses both self-study and classroom instruction.”   This unique educational choice has arrived in Katy, Texas at Covenant Preparatory Christian Academy.   Affiliated with the National Association of University Model Schools, CPCA was founded in 2012 by local resident, Karri Fieglein, when she felt the desire for her own children to experience the benefit of a Christ-centered school community while still protecting the time her family valued together in the home. The result was the formation of a school that would accomplish both of those purposes.   At the foundation of Covenant Prep was a desire to produce wholesome, competent men and women of character who make a positive impact for Christ in the next generation, as well as the belief that the strength of the family unit is the first and primary social and educational ministry that God has given.

CPCA functions as a partnership between teachers, students and their parents that provides a challenging, college-preparatory education within a supportive and encouraging community.  By meeting one, two or three days per week depending upon the needs of the student, parents retain their key role in their child’s education as they work cooperatively with the school to impart biblical faith and values.   CPCA embraces an approach that demonstrates that a high-quality education can be provided in a manner that protects and even enhances the role of parents in the discipleship of their children.  With opportunities for leadership, character development, servanthood and encouraging relationships, students grow in a nourishing environment that supports the family and appreciates each individual’s gifts, skills and talents created uniquely for God’s purpose.

Also set apart by its commitment to the teaching of biblical worldview, CPCA recognizes that equipping children for the world in which we live is a foundational responsibility.  For Christian parents, this includes not only academic and personal growth of our young people, but their spiritual maturity and ability to live out and stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ.  For many families, this task feels daunting in the post-modern culture in which we live where even the definition of truth is called into question.  Because many of our young people find themselves in a spiritual crisis when they step onto the college campus or enter the workplace where faith in Jesus Christ is deeply challenged by the world, Covenant Prep is committed to intentional biblical worldview instruction for its students.  In the words of Dr. Francis Shaffer: “We should be consciously preparing the next generation for the new battles it will face.”

If you’d like more information about CPCA and their programs for students K-12, visit their website at  Or, come to an informational meeting on the first Thursday of each month at The Church of The Holy Apostles.

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