Happy Mother’s Day!

On Sunday, May 12, we’ll celebrate the mothers in our lives—all the moms, stepmoms, grandmas and mentors who molded us what we are and still touch our lives. 

If you can, hug your mothers, wives and all the women in your lives. Call them. Send cards. Send flowers. Time is fleeting. Sometimes life is fleeting. After all, we eventually must say goodbye to our wonderful matriarchs, sometimes sooner rather than later.

This brings to mind publisher Joe Menslage. Because of him, we can share Katy Christian Magazine with you, our wonderful readers. His story is notable because he lost his wife Nicole a few years ago and took up the reins as sole parent to his four children. Nicole was lost in a tragic car accident, snatched suddenly away from two daughters and two sons, just 8, 10, 12 and 14 at the time.

Through the years we’ve watched Joe step up as a caring and devoted father. As a credit to his prayers and efforts, his kiddos are well adjusted and have blossomed into young people of God. Some would call this a miracle, but it is actually a blessing. Joe is blessed beyond measure, and with God’s guidance has survived a catastrophic personal loss. His positive perspective and an eye on his children’s futures will surely earn him a place of honor in their lives, and eventually the lives of their children.

So as we say “happy Mother’s Day” to one another, we can also include the single fathers who nurture and lead their families. Raising children is not simply “women’s work”—it is “family work” and takes precedent over everything else. Nothing is more important than our children and their walk with the Lord.

This lovely poem by Lynn L. Caruso (found on Beliefnet.com touched our hearts. We share it with you as a tribute to mothers (and caregivers) everywhere:

Remember always, your body is sacred ground.

Your roots are strong and the sun holy.

The gardeners who came before—

Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother—

Tilled your soil with the compost of their lives.

And now, you hold the seeds.

Plant them deeply in the furrow of this land.

May what comes to you as flower

One day ripe into fruit.

And in your final years,

May they return as shade.

– Lynn L. Caruso

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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