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What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. Scotty McCreery came to town during the Katy Crawfish Festival. This 19-year-old music sensation and American Idol winner is a fellow Christian, and we enjoyed the special surprise he had in store for one of our readers. You’ll have to read ahead for that one! 

We featured local author Angela Lubbe and her heartwarming children’s books that help families blend and cope after divorce. We also shared the background of Les Miserables, the movie that sparked a torrent of tissue as we cried through the musical scenes.

Speaking of music, we interviewed Worship Pastor John Cordes of Fellowship of Cinco Ranch. This father of three is adopting a 16-month-old son from Ethiopia and shares information about his band, as well as the energy it takes to lead a congregation.

The word “energy” is a perfect segue to Jump & Joy, a local business that brings smiles to children’s parties and business events. We enjoy bringing ethical businesses to your attention, including Jay Moyer of State Farm. He shares the many reasons we all need to protect our hard-earned assets and is our Christian business profile for this edition.

We also shared a topical feature on Internet behavior and how employment prescreening may hinge on what industrial psychologists uncover in your social media. This is an especially good piece for parents and their youth, who are prone to indiscretions and may be turned down for employment because of it.

We also embrace the mothers in our lives. I was surprised to be mentioned, but having lost my wife some years ago and raising my two sons and two daughters by myself, it was nice to read the commentary. I guess I am the default mother in my children’s lives, and I think you will appreciate the poem attached to the piece—very poignant.

Last, we say goodbye to one of our columnists, Mark Williamson, who passed away suddenly and leaves a void in our magazine. Mark was a feisty, “tell it like it is” servant of the Lord. We miss him already and send prayers to his beloved family.

Much more lies between the pages, including our Dear Doctor column and community news.

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