Scotty McCreery Visits Katy

In a world full of secular music, it’s nice when a Christian artist emerges and captures our hearts. Scotty McCreery is one such performer and made an appearance at the Katy Crawfish festival in March, a treat for fans of country western music. 

Scotty is known to wear a cross, which he did during Season 10 of American Idol (he won with a history-making 122+ million fan votes). He is not ashamed of his faith and also wears an “I AM SECOND” bracelet on his wrist. He was the youngest male Idol winner at just 17. God further blessed him when Clear as Day became a certified platinum debut album in the U.S.

Trivia and Testimony

Fans may already know a lot about Scotty. But those new to his life and music can study this short list of information:

Birth Name: Scott Cooke McCreery (he introduced himself as Scott in the American Idol auditions)

Birth Date: October 09, 1993

Birth Place: Garner, North Carolina


Discography: Clear as Day (Platinum album with over one million sold) and Christmas with Scotty McCreery (Gold with over 300,000 sold).

Trivia: Scotty is interested in commercial spaceflight. If it’s ever possible, he may just launch into orbit one day.

Scotty’s followers have heard of his passion for baseball. He played as a pitcher for his high school team in Garner, North Carolina, but set baseball aside to audition for American Idol. He still plays when he can, but his current tour, “Weekend Roadtrip,” monopolizes much of his time and energy.

He traveled about 200 days out of last year and will probably do the same this year. Now 19, the question becomes: “What anchors this young man as he navigates the music industry?” Well, Scotty has a trusty tour manager and a supportive family. Mom Judy, dad Michael and sister Ashley are his biggest fans. Interestingly, Scotty’s father is half Puerto Rican, making Scotty one quarter Puerto Rican. He is Southern Baptist and was saved at the age of 12, crediting God for the acclaim and limelight.

Touring the country isn’t his only responsibility. Scotty juggles a full load of college coursework and performs on weekends. He’s young, healthy and has the energy to wear many hats, and is focusing on a degree in communications (he’s a freshman). But the big goal is to pursue his career in music.


People drove in from far and wide to see Scotty perform in Katy, and the social forums buzzed with anticipation and feedback.

In a dream come true, special arrangements were made for one well-known Katyite to meet Scotty aboard his tour bus. Kendall Bumbera was surprised as she met with Scotty and talked with him for close to an hour. It turns out that Kendall and Scotty share a lot in common, including their faith, pursuing careers at a young age, and fitting in college. And both drive trucks (Scotty named his Loretta).

Many readers of Katy Christian Magazine are familiar with the Bumbera family. This NASCAR dynasty includes Cheri and Kenny Bumbera and their children Kristin, Kendall and Boyd, who are also race car drivers. Bumbera’s Performance Associates is a local Christian Katy business.

 What’s Next?

Scotty is experimenting with new music and hopes to launch an album in September. He encourages future artists to remain grounded in their faith and not waver, even when the temptations of fame and fortune arise.

It was an honor and a blessing to meet Scotty McCreery and see him perform. Perhaps he will return to the Houston area for a future performance. In the meantime, Christians can pray for his endeavors and for safe travels on the road.

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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