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Student Spotlight: Bailey Aronson

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Bailey Aronson
Classification: Senior
Faith West Academy

Inspired by a book about forensic science she read in the fifth grade, Bailey has had the dream of one day working in a crime lab.  In the fall she plans to start working on a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry at the University of Mississippi, (one of the leading colleges in the field).  When asked if any of the three CSI television series played a part in developing her interest in working a crime scene investigation she stated that while working two jobs, maintaining her grades (she is valedictorian of her class), going on church missions, and playing volleyball there is little or no time for television.

In July, Bailey will be going to Kolkata (Calcutta), India with a group of graduating seniors sponsored by Kingsland Baptist.  The group will be working at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Destitute and Dying and a shelter for girls rescued from a life of prostitution.  Besides mission work, the students will be touring sites of and learning about different world religions.  If the opportunity presents itself Bailey said she would like to ride on an elephant, but is uncertain it will materialize this trip.

Bailey has been playing volleyball since the third grade.  One of places she currently works is Katy Volleyball Academy, helping other young girls hone their skills.  Bailey played middle front blocker and loved to confuse the opponent’s blockers.   Bailey said, “(What a great feeling) to execute a slide (faking a quick-set by coming from behind the setter) or hit left handed because the defense is not as well prepared.”

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