The Blessing of “Blending”

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Have you heard of local author Angela Lubbe? As a member of a “blended” family, her first instinct was to write books for parents and step-parents. But her focus changed as her heart was drawn to children of divorce and the many challenges they face. She experienced this personally as a teenaged stepdaughter, and then later when she witnessed the “flip side” as a stepmother.   

Writing for Children of Divorce 

Many families are blended, and they are not alone. As stepchildren (and stepparents) navigate a new family dynamic, they often need encouragement . After all, new situations can be turbulent, emotional, confusing and even scary. Children may wonder where they fit in and need as many coping skills as possible.

With a wealth of first-hand experiences, Lubbe began writing children’s books. The goal? To let her young readers know they are special and “belong” in their families.   How We Blend

You very likely know someone who is a part of a blended family. With the divorce rate continuing to rise, more and more families are “blending”—meaning they form new units with two married adults and their children from a previous marriage or relationship. “Parents face many challenges when entering into a blended family. This is also true for children and is the reason for my books,” says Lubbe

“In my previous marriage I experienced medical issues. It just was not in God’s plan for me to have children and our lives went into two different directions,” says Lubbe. “Then I met Greg on and we could not be better suited. It is almost like we are the male and female versions of the same person.”  A marriage to Greg came with two extra bonuses: two amazing children whom Lubbe loves as if they were her own. “I truly believe this is God’s plan for me, and sharing my stories with children and their parents is a part of it.”

Lubbe’s blended family encounters challenges with schedules, appointments, birthdays, holidays, money, schoolwork, and discipline—all while trying to insulate the kids from all of it. “But often they see and feel these challenges. My books take children through these situations and lets them know how to handle them in the wisest way,” says Lubbe.

Don’t Forget About Us 

“Blending” families is a process and a transition. During this critical time it is important to consistently tell children they are loved, especially because they are often worried and may wonder if “all this” is happening because of them. Don’t Forget About Us (available on was published May 2012 and helps parents or family members explain to the children that they will not be forgotten. It also helps parents communicate that they have not stopped loving their children. This is a series of many books to come that will cover an abundance of blended family situations.

I’m With Mom Today 

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a little girl who is confused about what day it is and which parent she is supposed to listen to. Millions of children face this scenario—how are they supposed to act, do and say as they juggle multiple parents? Lubbe’s second book addresses the profound needs of children, their insecurities, and the importance of reassurance. Lubbe is working with Lucid Books to publish I’m With Mom Today early this summer. The book is illustrated by Melanie Smith who is also local to Katy.

About the Author 

Lubbe currently lives in Katy with her husband and two amazing stepchildren. She has a BS in Business, Informations Systems and has worked full time in software development for over 13 years. However, she always finds time to write her books and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves being outdoors, attends Creekside Community church, and volunteers in the community.

Her writing is meant to be a blessing to families of all shapes and sizes. In the back of both books you will find a helpful Parents Page with the moral of the story. This gives important insights to parents, grandparents and relatives as they ponder the best way to handle situations.

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