Dear Doctor: From Crayons to College

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Dear Doctor:
What shots does my child need to start kindergarten in the Fall?

Dear Patient:
I know summer time is busy with vacations, baseballs, cook outs, and camps! However, before you hit the road with your summer plans bring your children in early to the doctors for their back to school physicals and vaccinations. Children entering pre-K or kindergarten will need a wellchild checkup and four (4) shots: DTaP, Polio, Measles, and Chickenpox. Eleven to twelve year olds entering 7th grade require a tetanus booster called Tdap and a meningitis vaccine. The nurse will also check the status of any other needed booster shots that your child may be missing. Students up to age 30 entering college in Texas, will also require a meningitis vaccine.

A school or sports physical ensures that your child is healthy to play sports. These check ups are even more important if your child does not play a sport, as physical inactivity leads to obesity and childhood diabetes, both on the rise in Texas. There is no co-pay for wellness check-ups, so take advantage of this doctor’s visit to ensure your child stays well for a lifetime!

For information please contact Dr. Jennifer Gwozdz and Family Clinic, at 281-395-3044 or visit our website

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