Top Ten Bible Trivia Sources for Back to School and More!

Put on your thinking caps! Now is a great time to fortify the kids as they head back to school. Filling their “tanks” with Biblical knowledge will surely help them navigate a new school year. And because older kids have their noses buried in their cell phones, we recommend some mobile apps, as well. Gather around as a family and enjoy these Top Ten Bible Trivia Sites!

The Official King James Bible Online

Visit to challenge yourself with thousands of original Bible trivia questions. You can sort trivia by difficulty, category, subject or book.

Christians Unite

Visit for Old and New Testament facts and trivia, including Bible Characters, Leaders and Rulers, Books in the Bible, Children in the Bible, and more!

1001 Bible Trivia Questions 

Visit for a free eBook created and published by 


Sign up for Bible Ball and Bible Jeopardy! Membership is free, and the site offers videos as devotionals, as well.

Bible Quiz Game By Webelinx DOO

Another highly rated phone app is the Bible Quiz Game by Webelinx DOO. Visit to try it. A wide variety of trivia for the app focuses on Christianity, the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Holy Bible Trivia

HBT encourages all ages to grow in Jesus Christ by reading the Word of God in an online interactive topical Bible study game created to help the entire family (children, kids, teens, youths, and adults alike) learn scripture. Bible Trivia questions range from basic and simple to difficult. Take the Bible challenge at

Got Questions Kidz

This fun and interactive site is geared toward younger kids for Questions and Answers, Path to Heaven and more!



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