Catching Up with Bill Callegari

Beloved State Representative Bill Callegari turned 72 in September and announced his retirement on his birthday. “My wife Ann, my four children, and my eleven grandchildren have been very patient and supportive during seven terms as I served the people of Katy, Cypress and Texas,” he says. His current term expires in January 2015, culminating in 14 years of service. “It’s time to pass the torch.”

Although his family has adjusted to his absences over the years, Callegari would like to spend more time with his loved ones. “Family is the most important thing any of us has,” he says. With several grandchildren in college, he looks forward to attending graduations and other family gatherings. For instance, his son Butch called him recently about the upcoming canonization of Pope John in Rome (scheduled for April 2014). Traveling to such personally meaningful events has always hinged on Callegari’s schedule and the demands of his political duties. But in the not-too-distant future, he’ll enjoy some well-deserved leisure time and will be free to visit people and places he holds dear.

Callegari believes in the mission of the state founders, who envisioned citizen legislators going to Austin, representing their fellow citizens, and then returning home to live and work under the laws they helped pass. Throughout Callegari’s legislative career he has worked hard to keep families unburdened by the actions of state government. As a Christian and lifelong Republican, he has fought for lower taxes, limited and efficient government, secure borders, and the conservative values of faith, family, and freedom. He has also been recognized as pro-life leader and has authored or co-authored numerous pieces of pro-life legislation in the Texas House, including the landmark sonogram bill passed in 2011. He has been honored for his efforts in defense of the sanctity of human life by numerous pro-life, pro-family organizations. 

“Serving in the Texas House of Representatives has been one of my greatest honors, and I thank the voters of District 132 for allowing me to be their voice in the state capitol,” he says. “I am proud of the work that we have accomplished together on behalf of the District, Harris County, and the State of Texas.” After retiring, he plans on remaining active in the Katy community. Prior to being elected to the Texas Legislature, Callegari was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Katy Independent School District. He also served as a Board Member of the Katy Chamber of Commerce and various other organizations, and was a two-time President of the Katy High School Booster Club.

We wish Bill Callegari and his family continued blessings, and we join our readers in thanking him for his many years of devoted service.

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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