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We enjoy featuring organizations that help others. At times, these organizations can make a dynamic impact on our youth. Morning Glory Ranch is an excellent example. By providing therapeutic equine services to those in need, it also builds the character of teen volunteers. The words of founder Kim Russell, M.Ed express it best:

“Imagine a society that values young people for their present worth, not their future value. Envision communities where young people routinely make informed decisions of consequence — to neighborhoods, to schools, to the environment, that address issues such as race and violence — in short, decisions in aid of the greater good.” 

Volunteering and Youth

The benefits to teen volunteers are many, from the “extra” boost on college and job applications, to learning lifelong skills outside the classroom. But it also expands their understanding of the lives of others. It gives a new perspective on the world, and through volunteering teenagers become more empathetic human beings. 

Of course, the best benefit of volunteering is making a difference in the community. For teens, it is a feeling of “changing the world for the better.” And that’s where Morning Glory Ranch comes in. Their motto: What you do for yourself dies with you, but what you do for others lives on! 

About Morning Glory Ranch

Located in Hockley, Morning Glory Ranch uses the “magic” of horses and “taps” the talents of volunteers, who assist 32 special needs children in individual, custom designed experiential equine therapy. Russell and the Board of Directors are always searching for the most innovative wellness initiatives that maximize the growth and development of these children and their families. “This has turned out to be a incredible marriage of therapies,” she says, and notes that it takes volunteers to make it happen. 

If your teen has a heart for volunteering (and likes horses), send an email to and visit the website

You are Invited to the Annual Gala. 

Families can also support Morning Glory Ranch by attending the Morning Glory Ranch Annual Gala on November 16th at the House Plantation. This year, the theme is the “Roaring Twenties” and “Let’s party like it’s 1922!” Come decked out in your finest Great Gatsby garb and be ready to dance your best Lindy Hop and Charleston.

The event will include a live and silent auction, dinner, drinks and dancing. You will have the opportunity to meet the staff and volunteers of Morning Glory Ranch, as well as, some of the children the ranch has helped. The film crew will also be present to shoot footage for the upcoming documentary Live to Ride. Be part of history and attend, and see more at

Connect with Morning Glory Ranch

Visit the website at The contact email is

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