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Wow! Now more than ever, the entertainment industry is listening to Christians and creating value-driven films that are appropriate for families. We are happy to feature an interview with Roma Downey, who co-produced and stars as Mary in “Son of God.” This is a big screen adaptation of “The Bible” (from the History Channel). You may remember Roma from the television series Touched by an Angel, and can expect more faith-based projects from her and her husband Mark Burnett in the future. 

We also follow up on an interview with Todd Burpo published a few years back. His book, “Heaven is for Real,” chronicled the near death experience of his little boy Colton. The book has been made into a feature length movie starring Greg Kinnear, and depicts four-year-old Colton’s journey to heaven and back. 

If you haven’t yet seen “God’s Not Dead,” this is another opportunity to support films of faith. This particular movie covers the fictional, but plausible, challenge faced by a college student named Josh. His atheist professor (portrayed by Kevin Sorbo of Hercules and Soul Surfer) demanded his students declare in writing that “God is Dead.” Only Josh refused… and what happened next will have you biting your fingernails!

We also include a critical and unvarnished review of the movie Noah, which seems to have “hijacked” a Biblical story to exploit the current trend of faith-based films. Many Christians are upset with the premise of the film. Read ahead and see if you agree. 

Treat Mom to a day at the movies, and consider buying the DVDs when they become available for your collection. Rarely have we seen such interest in Christian movies since “The Passion of the Christ” 10 years ago! Have a blessed Easter and Mother’s Day, and enjoy the magazine. It truly is written for Christians, by Christians, and is supported by local business owners of faith.  


Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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