Letter from the Publisher

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Greetings! It’s time to catch our breath and enjoy the start of summer! Everyone seems especially happy to share news from the Christian front this time of year – and we have certainly packed this edition full of interviews and glad tidings. 

Christian authors are featured prominently in this issue. We interviewed two new local authors, Richard Capriola and Stephen W. Dyer. We also welcome “guest pastor” Ronnie McBrayer, who is a syndicated columnist, pastor, and author. He’ll continue to share insights and humor with us in the upcoming months, as well. 

We are honored to share our Christian business profile (Tim Sojka). As always, we also share outstanding student profiles and congratulate two Faith West graduates who both have the distinction of being 2014 valedictorians – with identical 4.75 GPAs! Another student-themed article covers the amazing feats of Ethan Settle, who will be interning at OceanLab in Aberdeen, Scotland this summer. 

As always, our Dear Doctor and Critters in Katy columns are full of advice, and you’ll also see a story about Hope Impacts and their good work within the homeless community. Be sure and check out our Social Column, which we hope blesses and inspires you. Thank you to our advertisers, columnists, interviewees and readers for supporting “news with an eternal purpose.”

May You Be Richly Blessed,
Joseph R. Menslage

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