Hope Impacts our Community

Being part of a community that offers hope is what brought our family to Katy 20 years ago: hope for a better education for our children, hope for a close knit, caring community where our kids could grow up making lifelong friends, hope for a better life, hope for a Christian Community that celebrates all God is and all He is accomplishing. As our family settled into this great community we did find these things to be true. Over the years I’ve met many people that moved here for the same reason – hope for a better life.

hope-impacts-1Through the years there has also been another realization, not everyone realizes hope in the same way. We live in a very prosperous community. But do we see the marginalized around us? We are blessed in many ways. What do we do with those blessings? Do we share? Do we serve? Do we reach out to others not like us? It has become evident to me that sometimes we are oblivious to those in our community that are not prosperous, people that are helpless, hurting, often hopeless.

For the last four years impacting the community has become a part of how our family lives. We have been intentionally focused on seeing the unseen, making the invisible- visible, sharing hope to those that find themselves helpless, homeless, under resourced, reaching those without the resources, information or support that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. And in the past several months our paths have crossed with several others that have this same heart or vision.  There are many individuals that are taking it upon themselves to offer hope, because they recognize the need is here. It has been educational, eye opening, humbling and convicting.

Armed with a new awareness of others with the same goals, a idea formed for an umbrella organization that could warehouse opportunities and resources, and therefore make what was happening more effective.  It would be easier to do this together rather than a wide blast of disconnected efforts. So I contacted several churches, organizations and individuals and asked them if they would be willing to meet together to share ideas and information.  On February 9, 2014, we had our first meeting. Nineteen different people, from different backgrounds, different faiths, and with different abilities, came together to share their hearts, visions, resources and ideas. We talked about what we knew was being done in our community to meet needs and what we thought still may need to be done. Out of the reality that we would be much more effective if we shared our resources, information and ideas, HOPE IMPACTS was formed.

hope-impacts-2Hope Impacts is about partnership. It’s about people, businesses, churches, and other organizations partnering together to meet the needs of our community. When we share all of these things, the impact of hope is even greater. The outreach of multiple resources and information is much more that any of us can do on our own. 

One example of this type of partnership is the story of Steve. Steve is one of my street friends. He is not able to work because he has a bad back and needs surgery. He is living in his truck. He has no income, no insurance, and no support. In my relationship with Steve I stop and talk with him often. He always tells me he has plenty of food, blankets, coats, etc. One day a few weeks ago I said “Steve, there must be something you need.” Steve loves to read. He shared with me that his eyes were getting progressively worse and it was more and more difficult for him to read.  He was afraid something really wrong was going on. Then he said it had been decades since he had his eyes examined. 

The very next day I had lunch with my friend Mindy Adams. I shared with her Steve’s story. Mindy has a lot of community contacts that I do not have. She called Brett Donaldson the next day. Dr. Brett Donaldson is one of the doctors at Grand Vision Optometry. He agreed to examine Steve’s eyes and get him the glasses that he needed.  One week later Steve had his new pair of glasses. He is still trying to get used to them. He is very grateful that someone cared enough to take care of a basic need – being able to see well. This type of story is what Hope Impacts is all about – building partnerships, sharing resources, caring for those in need.

Our Mission is: To Network caring people providing partnerships, information, and resources to address the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs of the  homeless, helpless, and under resourced in the Katy Community.

If you want more information on Hope Impacts or have a service that you provide to the Katy Community, we would like to add to our resource list at www.hopeimpacts.net. You may also email Tina Hatcher, Executive Director at tinah542@gmail.com, or call the Hope Impacts line at 713-705-7884.