Creating Good Readers

CH0000A135For most people, learning to read doesn’t start with comprehension. It doesn’t even begin with the ability to memorize words or recognize letters. Learning to read actually starts with sound.

A Four-Step Process 

There are four steps that lay the solid foundation that enables children and adults to read fluently and easily. These steps—accomplished in the right order—can mean the difference between someone who enjoys reading, and someone who has a life-long struggle with the written word. Here is the four-step process that leads to a lifetime of happy reading:

1. Awareness of Sounds: Being able to hear and distinguish different sounds is where it all starts. Learning how to distinguish sounds—for example, the three distinct sounds in the word “hat” (/h /, /a / and / t/)—is the first skill in a series of skills that enables successful reading.

DSC07762. Blending and Coding of Sounds: Once sounds are distinguished, learning to blend them together is critical. So is coding, which is the process of assigning written symbols to the individual and blended sounds.

3. Automatic Recognition: Through the process of practicing the distinguishing, blending and coding of sounds these skills become automatic. This step is necessary if reading speed and fluency are to be attained.

4. Comprehension: Finally, comprehending the concepts, information and stories represented by all these sounds and codes is the reason we learn to read to begin with! One of the ways we develop skills of comprehension is by answering questions about what we’ve just read, engaging in conversation about the concepts, or even writing about what we’ve just learned.

Why Brain Training Works

So, what’s at the root of reading struggles? The single cognitive skill critical to reading is called “auditory processing.” It is so foundational that, according to the Department of Education, weakness in this single skill account for 88% of all reading problems. In other words, nearly 9 out of 10 kids and adults who struggle to read do so for the exact same reason! 

Auditory processing is one of the core skills that LearningRx brain training targets and strengthens. Please visit to read the testimonials of families who have experienced the life-changing results. 


The LearningRx Cinco Ranch Brain Training Center is located at 24124 Cinco Village Center Blvd., #200 in Katy. Call 281-394-5533 to speak to a brain training professional. 

Ellie Franz is the Assistant Director of Learning RX in Katy, a cognitive learning center for people with all ages wishing to improve cognitive skills. Her email is