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Student Profile: Daniel Nevitt

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Daniel Nevitt
Classification: Senior
Faith West Academy

Daniel is president of the FWA Chapter of the National Honor Society, member of PALs (an organization that mentors fellow students), captain and middle linebacker for the football team, left fielder for the baseball team, core member of the wrestling team, and a member of the National Society for High School Scholars. Daniel was one of 21 boys in the Katy area that were selected to attend The American Legion Boys State program this past summer.

Daniel recently saw Lone Survivor with his father — a viewing that became one of those special father-son moments. His father served in Dessert Storm and several tours in Afghanistan, and was in Somalia (1993) when he lost friends in what would later become a book, then a movie; Black Hawk Down. His father never talked to Daniel about his involvement, but somehow this movie drew him closer to his father’s experiences. Daniel has had a goal for the last ten years to become an officer in the Army or Navy. His dream has been to attend West Point, followed by Army Ranger School and to specialize in the dismantling of bombs. 

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