Teacher Profile: Mrs. Christina Martin, Faith West Academy

Before entering Mrs. Christina’s Martin’s classroom, a sign reads; “Mrs. Martin’s Mathematical Mansion.”  This is a clue to what you may discover once inside. Mrs. Martin believes the difference between a good teacher and an outstanding teacher is “who is not Mrs. Martin, but who (she) is.”  Mrs. Martin describes herself as “controlling, detailed, and funny.” She strives to make her class environment to be educational while injected with as much humor as possible. Mrs. Martin is humorous, yet she takes a stern disciplinary approach.  She stated; “discipline shouldn’t make the gap wider between teacher and student,” therefore; there should be an understanding on both sides of disciplinary action is taken.  It is important “to be empathetic, not sympathetic” toward students.

Mrs. Martin attended San Francisco State University and graduated from the University of Houston summa cum laude receiving a business degree.  In the tenth year at Faith West Academy, she teaches geometry, pre-calculus and calculus. She takes part in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and in her spare time enjoys video games. 

According to Mrs. Martin, the most rewarding thing about teaching is forming a relationship with her students. The most important thing she has learned from her overall teaching experience is how “controlling teenagers is like trying to herd cats.” She deeply cares for her students and their needs. Mrs. Martin is a teacher who builds up her kids mentally, emotionally, and spiritually yet somehow finds a way to sneak in a joke. This is the life warming experience of when one enters Mrs. Martin’s Mathematical Mansion.