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The Early Church – Barnabas


1.) To what tribe did Barnabas belong?

a. Judah  b. Dan  c.  Levi  d. Benjamin


2.) What country was Barnabas from?

a. Greece  b. Cyprus  c. Italy  d. Turkey


3.) What does the name Barnabas mean?

a. sent one  b. friend of the faithful  c. least among us  e. Son of consolation


4.) What did Barnabas do when Saul tried to join the disciples?

a. brought him to the apostles  b. prayed for three days and three nights

c. lept for joy  d. cried over the fate of the Gentiles


5.) Barnabas is described as…

a. a preacher unto the Gentiles  b. one whose light goeth not out

c. a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith  d.  a bringer of glad tidings


6.) How many people in Antioch turned to the Lord as a result of the preaching of Paul and Barnabas?

a. a few  b. a great number  c. one person  d. none would hear the truth


7.) What did Paul and Barnabas do as a result of their treatment in Pisidian Antioch?

a. shook the dust from their feet and left  b. prayed over that great city

c. cursed the city, and went their way  d. stayed and continued to preach


8.) Where did Paul and Barnabas go to after Pisidian?

a. Jerusalem  b. Macedonia  c. Iconium  d. Lystra


9.) At Lystra, what did the people call Paul and Barnabas?

a. Moses and Elijah  b. Jupiter and Mercurius

c.  Followers of John the Baptist  d. Angels of Darkness


10.) When Paul suggested to Barnabas that they go back and see the people from their previous journey, who did Barnabas want to take with them?

a. John Mark  b. Luke the physician  c. Simon Peter  d.  Timothy

Answers and Scriptures for reference:

1. (c) Acts 4:36-37; 2. (b) Acts 4:36-37; 

3. (e) Acts 4:36; 4. (a) Acts 9:26-27; 5. (c) Acts 11:24; 6. (b) Act:19-21,; 

7. (a) Acts 13:50-51; 8. (c) Acts 13:51; 9. (b) Acts 14:12;  10. (a) Acts 15:37-38


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