Leaders and Mentors

Leaders are those who are not satisfied with the existing mediocrity that is not producing the type of lifestyle that they have dreamed or envisioned. Given that they will not give up until they have surpassed the condition, they seek the necessary answers in order to overcome their condition, take the necessary steps to improve their condition, and as a result enjoy their realized blessings. 

However, a true leader does not stop at only enjoying the blessings they have achieved. Rather, a true leader looks at their surroundings and opens their heart to share with others the success they have achieved.

In essence, a true leader becomes a bridge to success so their family and the world can also reach their dreams. So you would ask, a leader must share with others? My answer would be a resounding yes, but their sharing must be in a most efficient manner which is achieved when they lead others to success by duplicating the same methods in others they used to obtain their dreams. 

Most people want a leader to share the success that cost the leader a process of learning and actions in order to achieve. A true leader, however, does not do that because it would be very damaging and humiliating for the recipient. The leader understands that the message that is hidden behind simply sharing his success and what will be received in the subconscious mind of the individual is that the individual is useless and unable to succeed on their own. To do so would reiterate the notion that the individual is unable to win in life and they must depend on the fact that others win so that they can also eat and pay their bills. In essence, that absent the help of a successful person they are unable to succeed on their own and as such are true losers. And the truth is that this notion of inadequacy absent a hand out from a person who is successful is a lie. The truth is that all men are created equal with all the potential and abilities needed to succeed in life inside of them. The Creator implanted in all individuals the gifts and talents that He knew they would need in order to be winners in life. 

Herein lies the question, if all men are created with the equal abilities to win why are there winners and losers? The answer is simple, the winners sought and found the potential that was within themselves, became empowered by serving others, and in doing so developed those skills and abilities that we all have to win, but lay dormant in most. The leader awoke the potential and abilities inside of them and put them to work for them and ultimately came to see their dreams realized.

Accordingly, the primary objective of a true leader should be instruction to those that seek them. A leader must instruct others on realizing the potential and abilities that are within them and how the individual can exercise them to achieve success. 

Think about the people that have come into your life. Understand that God sent them to you and if they are still in the same condition five years later than when you met them and have not achieved your level of success and growth, they have wasted their time and deserve another opportunity to be instructed by a true leader. Accordingly, they must necessarily leave you and seek instruction elsewhere. Do not get mad when they do. While it is possible you have been to the best seminars and obtained the highest credentials and qualifications, you are not the appropriate leader for them. Put it in this perspective, Jesus the most noted and exemplary leader of all time only needed three years to establish a generation of winners.

Indeed, you will need to find a true leader to provide instruction in you so that you can in turn provide that instruction in others. This notion requires much humility. However, humility is a quality that is needed in order to become a true leader and a winner. It is almost impossible to be a true leader in life without humility. Without humility it is impossible to be a mentor to others and for others to entrust you with their journey to success and achieving their dreams. Remember the adage of old; the blind cannot lead the blind as both will fall into the pit. Many so-called “leaders” today are in the proverbial pit with their followers. If this applies to you, choose today to seek appropriate mentorship so that you may succeed and help others to achieve success also. 

In addition, take a moment to appreciate where you were prior to your success and where you are now. Be grateful to God and to those true leaders that took the time to provide instruction, that overlooked your ignorance and immaturity and ultimately made sure that you too won in life and realized your dreams.