Bible Trivia

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Test Your Knowledge By Answering the Trivia Questions Below:

1.  In Lydda, Peter healed a man named Aeneas. What was that man’s illness?
A. Palsy   B. Leprosy  C. Blindness   D. Mute

2.  Where did Paul meet Aquila and Priscilla?
A. Corinth   B. Ephesus   C. Jerusalem   D. Philippi

3.  What woman came back to life after Peter prayed for her?
A. Saphira   B. Dorcas   C. Mary Magdalene   E. Sarah

4.  Who was being stoned when he saw the heavens open and Jesus standing at the right hand of God?
A. Ciaphas   B. Stephen   C. Saul   D. Alexander

5.  How many disciples were baptized on the day of Pentecost?
A. 12   B. 3000    C. 120   D. 7    E. 500

6.  Why did Peter and the other apostles disobey the high priest?
A. They disliked him   B. He arrested them  C. He beat them    D. They wanted to obey God

7.  How did the leaders of the synagogue stir up the people against Stephen?
A. With inspiring speeches   B. With solid evidence  C. With lies   D. With honest witnesses

8.  Who did Stephen talk about when he said he could ‘Not so much as to set his foot on’?
A. Moses   B. Jesus   C. Judas   D. Abraham   E. David

9.  What prophet did the Ethiopian eunuch read when Philip met him?
A. Esaias   B. John the Baptist   C. Joshua   D. Samuel

10.  In what city did Philip perform miracles?
A. Jerusalem   B. Sidon   C. Samaria   D. Egypt   E. Judea

Answers and references:

1.(A) Acts 9:33, 2.(A) Acts 18:2, 3.(B) Acts 9, 4.(B) Acts 7, 5.(B) Acts 2:41, 6.(D) Acts 5:29, 7.(C) Acts 6, 8.(D) Acts 7, 9.(A) Acts 8, 10.(C) Acts 8:5



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