Accountable Partner – Why You Fail

People have goals to accomplish in their personal life, and business or job. Dale says “A goal is something you want to achieve. It can have a specific end date such as running a marathon or starting a business. It could continue for the rest of your life such as staying fit or maintaining a certain weight.”

The general types of personal goals fit into fitness, nutrition, financial, spiritual, and personal development. 

A goal in an existing business can be an expansion that requires certain activities be completed. 

A goal in your job could be a promotion and you need to take some classes or finish a degree. 

A goal can be created anytime of the year, but many people decide to make a change at the end of the year and come up with a New Year’s Resolution. It is great that they want to make a change. 

A university study says only 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s Resolution. It is terrible to think of people not doing New Year’s Resolutions because they continue to fail each year. This percentage could apply to people’s goals throughout the year.  


Here are some common reasons (excuses):   

  • You do not have someone to help you.
  • You have an unrealistic goal and/or do not know what to do
  • You do not have the goal and objectives written down
  • You have a challenge contacting the people helping you
  • You do not have an accountability system to document what you have done and need to do

What do all of these have in common? Accountability!

Who is involved in accountability? 

You could be a leader helping people accomplish their goal. Leaders include various types of coaches, trainers, teachers, doctors, or anyone influencing people to improve their life. You as a leader must recognize the importance of formal accountability for yourself to help your clients, and for your clients to do what they say they are going to do. 

You could be working with family and friends to accomplish a goal. Your group gets together to walk, jog, exercise, or other activities. There is encouragement, a challenge, a bit of competition, or a kick-in-the-butt if someone is slacking off. 

You could be working on a goal by yourself and do not have any one to help you. It takes someone with special determination and you have an internal accountability to continue the journey toward your goal. Could you accomplish more if you were included in a group of other people with similar a goal? 

What is involved? 

Once you have a goal, it must be broken down into steps and may have milestones to know you are on track with your journey. Occasionally a leader has developed a checklist of the steps, but the vast majority of the time, the steps are unique to you. Your accountable partner understands these. 

Dale refers to the steps and milestones as objectives. What are you going to do and when is this going to be done. It could be daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally, or based on some other factor. There is no rule to what and when, just that it is written down. Writing these is critical because it makes the journey a conscious activity so you take the proper action. 

Objectives WILL change. As you progress through the journey and accomplish an objective, there is the next step or level to reach. 

What you do for each objective leads to a result. By writing down your objectives and your results, it creates a type of journal or log so you can see and recognize the progress. 

So what can be done to help leaders, your family and friends, or yourself share and keep track of each other – aka Accountability? 

Use an online accountability system. Hopefully the person helping has a system. If they don’t or you have a personal group, we have a system called Accountable Partner which help leaders, groups, and individuals.

As we close out 2015 and move into 2016, this is a typical time to start a new or continue an old goal. Let’s be make a change this time to work with someone or your clients to set a realistic goal and objectives, work with a community of others helping each other, and use an accountability system to keep track of everything. 

Dale does not want you to be one of the 92% of people that does not accomplish the goal. 

Dale is a business coach and owns a couple businesses. He wanted an effective way to keep track of his client’s goal, current objective, see their results at any time, and an effective way to communicate with them as a group and individually. 

He created an online accountability system, but realized other people need help with accountability. The system is available for other leaders, groups of family and friends, or individuals to use. 

For more information or demonstration, call Dale Tyson direct at (713) 510-5430 or email The system’s website is and check the Features page.


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