Bible Trivia

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Test Your Knowledge By Answering the Trivia Questions Below

1. Why did God destroy the Israelites in the wilderness?
A) They became pagans     B) They refused to eat food He provided    
C) didn’t believe in Christ    D) As an example for others

2.  What are we not to be?
A) Many teachers        B) Doctors of the law
C) Servants of men        D) Honest with each other

3.  What does the Lord ultimately want of the children of Israel who came out of Egypt?
A) Righteousness        B) Animal Sacrifices
C) Songs        D) Grain Offerings

4.  Where can sinning Israel hide from the Lord?
A) Hell        B) Bottom of sea
C) Nowhere        D) Enemy territory

5.  What brings forth fruit?
A) Fellowship with believers    B) Trees
C) Confessing God’s word    D) Tithing    E) The Gospel

6.  Who was Israel’s firstborn son?
A) Reuben        B) Joseph
C) Benjamin        D) Gog        E) Saul

7.  What do we know about Er, Judah’s first son?
A) He betrayed Judah    B) God slew him because of his wickedness
C) Commended for loyalty    D) Cecame a king    E) Murdered by his brother

8.  How many children did Israel have?
A) 5              B) 7          C) 9          D) 12          E) 13

9.  Jabez prayed that the God of Israel would bless him and expand his borders. What did God do?
A) Killed him        B) Made him king      
C) Sent armies against him    D) Granted his request       E) Ignored him

10.  The sons of Ulam were skilled in what?
A) Diplomacy            B) Statesmanship    
C) Herding and crafting weapons    D) Use of bow and arrow      E) Espionage


1) As an example for others to not set their heart on evil things; 2) Servants of men; 3) Righteousness; 4) Nowhere; 5) The Gospel; 6) Reuben; 7) God slew him because of his wickedness; 8) 13; 9) Granted his request; 10) Use of bow and arrow 


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