Dear Doctor: What to Expect from Your Baby’s First Visit to the Pediatrician

It would be advisable for you to have chosen your pediatrician before your delivery. It is important to be comfortable with your pediatrician’s philosophy on medical issues such as schedule of vaccinations, medications, etc. as well as to have knowledge of the regular office hours and after hours care.

Your first visit may be earlier than the typical two week well checkup. This is determined by how your baby is doing at the time of hospital discharge.

For your visit, try to schedule it either early in the morning or early afternoon to decrease exposure of your baby to sick children in the waiting room. It is advisable to bring a friend or family member with you to help with your baby as you fill out paperwork.  You will need to bring your baby’s hospital discharge paperwork with you as well.  It is best to dress your baby in a simple way that makes it easy to undress and dress.  You may also want to bring an extra change of clothes, diapers, formula, etc. for your baby so that you are best prepared for anything that may arise.

During the visit, your baby will be weighed, measured, and given a full physical exam. Your pediatrician will ask you questions about the baby’s feedings, stools and wet diapers. Make a list of your concerns and address it with the pediatrician at this time.  It is important to educate yourself and ask questions so that you feel comfortable taking care of your baby.

Before you leave the office, schedule your next appointment and keep your pediatrician’s phone number handy if you have any questions.

Dr. Anuradha Rai is a Board-Certified Pediatrician for UT Health Science Center at Houston and provides patient care at UT Physicians Pediatric Center at Cinco Ranch located at 10450 Spring Green Blvd. Suite B, Katy, TX 77494. To schedule an appointment, please call 713-486-5870