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Student Profile: Madison “Aussie” Telschow

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Madison “Aussie” Telschow
Classification: 11th Grade
Fatih West Academy

Madison attended a private, Christian school in Perth, Australia (hence her nickname, Aussie) for years prior to returning to the U.S. last year.  She recalls that when she first moved there at the age of 11, her new friends had expectations of her as an American.  Her accent was what they might have expected, and they often asked her to repeat phrases. Her classmates expected her to have blonde hair and blue eyes.  She did not. What they found was a girl with whom they had a lot in common.  They found a girl firm in her beliefs who set an example for others to follow.

Madison continues to demonstrate those same attributes as a leader in the activities, clubs, and organizations she has joined. Madison is an active member of the Second Baptist Jump Team, a group of high school singers and dancers that help lead worship for all ages.  She is the school chapel band leader and a varsity cheerleader; last year, she took 1st place at Nationals in Dance Duo.

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