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Student Profile: William Richardson

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William Richardson
Classification: 12th Grade
Faith West Academy

During a football game in August, the senior quarterback of the Faith West Eagles, William Richardson, faced a season-ending injury. William was being helped off the field before the shocked eyes of his fellow teammates, including the younger athletes who look up to him. The Faith West Eagles stopped the game, kneeled down in silence, and prayed.

Aspirations of becoming a football player have always motived Will because of his father’s unfinished dream of playing football. This same desire is what is carrying him through the torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee. His undying love and respect for the sport are not at all broken. Even while injured, Will was constantly around the team, attending every practice and every game while he was on crutches or wearing a knee brace. “I am blessed to have the team that I have…I want to be there for my team,” Will said.

Since the day of the injury, many things have changed tremendously for Will. He realizes how much love and passion he has invested in football, and we—the friends, the coaches, the teachers, the supporters—acknowledge Richardson’s place as the team leader, regardless of injury or where he stands on the field.

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