Bible Trivia

Test Your Knowledge By Answering the Trivia Questions Below

1.  What did God use Nebuchadnezzar to do to Jerusalem and Judah?
A) Deliver them    B) Destroy them    C) Exile the people     D) Defend them from Egypt        E) Kill three fifths of the people

2.  What special task did the descendants of Aaron perform?
A) Constructing the temple        B) Being the King’s personal guard     C) Being royal scribes        D) Leading the king’s armies     E) Making offerings to God

3.  What does Paul, as a spiritual father of the Corinthians, beseech them to do?
A) Be followers of him    B) Send Paul money     C) Pray        D) Eat

4.  Elijah ran from Jezebel to which mountain?
A) Mount Hermon    B) Mount Moriah    C) Mount Sinai    D) Mount Horeb

5.  Who did Elijah beat in a foot race?
A)  Elisha    B) Samuel    C) David        D) A chariot

6.  How many prophets of Baal gathered to meet Elijah in 1 Kings 18?
A) 400    B) 450        C) 900         D)950

7.  With which article of clothing did Elijah part the waters of the Jordan?
A) Mantle    B) Girdle        C) Sandal        D) Robe

8.  How many years was Jehoram king of Israel?
A) 12    B) 14        C) 16        D) 18

9.  In 2 Kings 6, with what did God smite the Assyrian host?
A) Blindness    B) Boils        C) Famine    D) Drought

10.  In 2 Kings 7, who sacked the Syrian camp?
A) Children    B) Widows    C) Lepers        D) Prophets

Answers: 1) Exile the people   2) Making offerings to God   3) Be followers of him   4) Mount Horeb   5) A chariot   6) 450   7) Mantle   8) 12   9) Blindness   10) Lepers 


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