Bible Trivia

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Test Your Knowledge By Answering  the Trivia Questions Below

1.  When Christ returns, those who are saved will meet him where?
a) Mount Zion  b) Jerusalem  c) Heaven  d) Air  e) Purgatory

2.  Where must we all make an appearance?
a) At Heavens gate  b) Before the judgment seat of Christ  c) In front of Peter  d) In a confessional

3.  On what day did the apostles first speak in tongues?
a) Jesus’ resurrection day  b) Passover  c) Pentecost  d) All Saints Day  e) None

4.  How did Saul escape from those who wanted to kill him in Damascus?
a) Boat  b) Horseback  c) Running  d) Basket

5.  What did Paul do to Barjesus?
a)  Praised him  b) Blinded him  c) Arrested him  d) Preached to him

6.  How many years did it take Solomon to build the Lord’s temple?
a) Five  b) Six  c) Seven  d) Eight

7.  Jeroboam made two of what kind of idol?
a) Bronze snakes  b) Golden calves  c) Silver foxes  d) Aquamarine fish

8.  In 1 Sam. 13, who offered the sacrifice at Gilgal?
a) Saul  b) Samuel  c) Eli  d) Judah

9.  According to the Spirit, in latter times, what will some people not do?
a) Depart from their faith  b) Speak lies  c) Seek godliness  d) Forbid to marry e) Listen to deceiving spirits

10.  What covenant did God give to Abraham?
a) Circumcision  b) Passover  c) Salvation  d) Wisdom


1) Air  2) Before the judgment seat of Christ  3) Pentecost  4) Basket  5) Blinded him  6) Seven  7) Golden calves  8) Saul  9) Seek godliness  10) Circumcision 


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