Bible Trivia

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Test Your Knowledge By Answering  the Trivia Questions Below:

1.  What army did David become part of in 1 Chronicles 12?
a) Saul’s army    b) Jonathan’s    c) Egyptian army    
d) The Babylonian army    d) Philistine army

2.  Which king attacked Jerusalem during King Rehoboam’s reign?
a) King Asa    b) King Abijah    c) King Shishak    d) King Jehosophat

3.  When King Jehosophat heard that the Moabites, Ammonites, and Meunites were coming to attack, what did Jehosophat command the people of Judah?
a) Build weapons    b) Attack    c) Fast    d) Offer sacrifices

4.  Which Assyrian king invaded Judah when it was under Hezekiah’s rule?
a) Sargon    b) Sennacherib    c) Shalmaneser    d) Esarhaddon

5.  When Hezekiah heard that Sennacherib had invaded Judah, what did he do to the water supply?
a) Poisoned it    b) Dyed it    c) Blocked it    d) Rerouted it

6.  To which tribe of Israel did Saul belong?
a) Benjamin    b) Naphtali    c) Manasseh    d) Issachar    e) Ephraim

7.  In 1 Kings 13, how was the unfaithful man of God killed?
a) By goats    b) By sword    c) By lion    d) By spear

8.  How many years did Jeroboam reign over Israel?
a) 16    b) 18    c) 20    d) 22

9.  How many arrows did Joash shoot into the ground at Elisha’s command?
a) 3    b) 4    c) 5    d) 6

10.  What did Hoshea name the copper serpent that Moses made?
a) Nehushtan    b) Mokusta    c) Grolistan    d) Serpushtan

1) Philistine army     2) King Shishak     3) Fast    4) Sennacherib    5) Blocked it     6) Benjamin     7) By lion    8) 22    9) 3    10)    Nehushtan 


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