Bible Trivia

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Test Your Knowledge By
Answering the Trivia
Questions Below

1. Who should keep themselves from idols?
a) The Israelites b) Children of man
c) Women d) Children of God Minors

2. A deceiver is also a what?
a) Liar b) Bad person c) Lost child d) Temptress e) Antichrist

3. We should be fellow helpers to what?
a) Family b) Brethren c) Forgiveness d) Truth e) None of the above

4. What does it mean to offer a sacrifice with leaven (Amos 4:5)?
a) add something to enhance its smell b) add bulk to the sacrifice
c) make it burn better d) taint an offering with evil attitude

5. According to Paul, which is a sign of spiritual maturity?
a) following new teachings b) Blindness of heart
c) Childlike innocence d) Speaking the truth in love

6. ‘For everything God created is good, and nothing is
to be rejected if it is received with what?
a) Kindness b) Joy c) Humility d) Thanksgiving e) Grace

7. What is another kind of famine the Lord will send
on Israel as penalty for deceit?
a) No luxuries from foreign places b) No words from the Lord
c) No leisure time d) No pleasant music

8. According to Paul, with what are believers sealed?
a) The sign of the cross b) The mark of the beast
c) The Holy Spirit d) Membership in the church

9. Which statement is NOT part of Paul’s teaching about unity?
a) One hope to which believers are called b) One Spirit
c) One baptism d) One way to build up the body of Christ

10. Paul tells the Ephesians to walk in goodness,
righteousness and truth, as children of what?
a) Obedience b) Thanksgiving c) Light d) Abraham

1) Children of God 2) Antichrist 3) Truth 4) taint an offering with evil attitude 5) Speaking the truth in love 6) Thanksgiving 7) No words from the Lord
8) The Holy Spirit 9) One way to build up the body of Christ 10) Light

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