Bible Trivia

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1) Who was David’s dad?
a) Saul  b) Samuel  c) Jesse  d) Abimadab

2) Who was Goliath with that went to make war with Israel?
a) Philistines  b) Jebusites  c) Egyptians  d) Hivites

3) About how tall was Goliath?
a) 10 feet  b) 13 feet  c) 15 feet  d) 20 feet

4) How many days did Goliath challenge Israel to send a man to fight him?
a) 2 days  b) 13 days  c) 40 days  d) 75 days

5) In what book of the Bible is the story of David and Goliath?
a) I Kings  b) I Chronicles  c) I Samuel  d) Ezra

6) Which one of these did David not take into battle?
a) helmet b) staff c) five smooth stones d) shepherd’s bag

7) The armies that went to make war with Israel gathered together at Shochoh. Who did that land belong to?
a) Judah b) Simeon c) Levi d) Reuben

8) David was a _____?
a) farmer b) man of war c) shepherd d) none of the above

9) What did David use to kill Goliath?
a) sword b) spear c) gun d) stone

10) Where did David fatally wound Goliath?
a) forehead b) chest a) arm d) leg


1) C, Jesse I Samuel 17:12 2) A, Philistines I Samuel 17:4 3) B, 13 feet 1 cubit = 21 to 25 inches span = about 10 and a half inches 4) C, 40 days I Samuel 17:16 5) C, I Samuel I Samuel 17:1-58 6) A, helmet I Samuel 17:38-40 7) A, Judah I Samuel 17:1 8) C, shepherd I Samuel 16:11-13 and I Samuel 17:15 and 34 9) D, stone I Samuel 17:49 10) A, forehead I Samuel 17:49

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