Bible Trivia

1) Who was Joseph’s father?
a) Jacob  b) John  c) Gabriel  d) Luke

2) How many brothers did Joseph have?
a) 5  b) 15  c) 11  d) 2

3) What gift did Joseph’s father give to him?
a) A coat of many colors  b) A purple feather c) A copy of the Bible  d) A red cross

4) Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him?
a) He was the best athlete in the family  b) He was the runt of the family tree  c) He was less intelligent than the other brothers  d) Their father loved Joseph most

5) What was the recurring theme in Joseph’s dreams?
a) Joseph’s family would bow down to him  b) Egypt would fall to famine  c) Joseph’s father would suffer a gruesome death  d) Egypt would fall to neighboring nations

6) Which of Joseph’s brothers convinced the others to not kill Joseph?
a) Thomas  b) Reuben  c) Jacob  d) Vincent

7) Instead of killing Joseph, his brothers _____________.
a) Held his head underwater  b) Stabbed him in the side  c) Threw him in a pit  d) Had their father ground Joseph

8) At what price did the merchantmen buy Joseph from his brothers?
a) 40 pieces of gold  b) 20 pieces of silver  c) 30 pieces of copper  d) 40 dollars

9) Who bought Joseph from the merchantmen?
a) Potiphar  b) Spartacus  c) Gladys  d) Tiberius

10) What office did Joseph hold in Potiphar’s household?
a) Potiphar’s personal chef  b) Jester  c) Overseer of the house  d) Mathematician

Answers: 1) A  2) C  3) A  4) D  5) A  6) B  7) C  8) B  9) A  10) C

Joseph Menslage
Joseph Menslage

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