Bible Trivia

1) The wise men traveled ________________ to Jerusalem. (Matt. 2:1)
A) Southward
B) Eastward
C) Westward
D) Northward

2) How many wise men brought gifts to Jesus?
A) 3
B) The Bible never says
C) None
D) 2

3) Who diligently asked the wise men about baby Jesus? (Matt. 2:7)
A) King Pilate
B) King Herod
C) King David
D) King Elias

4) Why did this man want to lean more about Jesus’ whereabouts? (Matt. 2:16)
A) He wanted to worship Jesus
B) He wanted to kill Jesus
C) He wanted Jesus to heal him
D) He wanted to ask Jesus to be the heir to his throne

5) What guided the wise men to find Jesus? (Matt. 2:9)
A) A dove
B) Their dreams
C) A star
D) An angel

6) What gift did the wise men NOT give Jesus? (Matt. 2:11)
A) Silver
B) Gold
C) Myrrh
D) Frankincense

7) What was Jesus’ approximate age when the wise men presented Him with gifts? (Matt. 2:16)
A) 10 years old
B) less than 2 years old
C) 12 years old
D) 6 years old

8) Why did Jesus’ family flee Bethlehem? (Matt. 2:12-13)
A) God would destroy it
B) They couldn’t pay all of their taxes
C) The king of Jerusalem wanted to kill Him
D) The Gentiles hated Joseph

9) To where did Jesus’ family flee from Bethlehem? (Matt. 2:12-15)
A) Samaria
B) Greece
C) Egypt
D) Nazareth

10) When they returned, where did Jesus and His family dwell? (Matt. 2:23)
A) Egypt
B) Samaria
C) Greece
D) Nazareth

Answers: 1)C, 2) B, 3) B, 4) B, 5) C, 6) A, 7) B, 8) C, 9) C, 10) D

Joseph Menslage
Joseph Menslage

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