Bible Trivia

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1. What does the ‘Preacher’ of Ecclesiastes say increases sorrow?
A) A lack of recreation B) Simple-minded ways C) Strong adversity D) Increased knowledge

2. What does Ecclesiastes consider a great evil?
A) Marrying a contentious wife B) Disciplining a child C) Leaving an inheritance to those who have not labored for it

3. Ecclesiastes says no one can add or take away from what?
A) Man’s labors B) A stone wall C) A dead man D) God’s labors

4. What does the ‘Preacher’ of Ecclesiastes consider the gift of God?
A) Success in business B) Man’s enjoyment of the fruit of his labors C) Large families D) A house full of women

5. Why did the author of Ecclesiastes consider the unborn better than both the dead and the living?
A) They have no responsibilities B) There is nothing to regret C) They have nothing to remember and nothing to forget D) They remain unexposed to the evil that is done

6. According to Isaiah, the Lord’s thoughts are not what?
A) Our thoughts B) Known C) Consistent D) Honest

7. According to Isaiah, the Lord’s house shall be called what?
A) A house of prayer B) Heaven C) Home D) Garden of Eden

8. Isaiah said that the wicked are like what?
A) Sinners B) Dark skies C) The troubled sea D) Raging river

9. Isaiah said we should not fast to do what?
A) Humble ourselves B) Pray C) Listen D) Make our voice heard

10. What did Isaiah say separated the people from God?
A) Our iniquities B) Pride C) Ignorance D) Knowledge

Answers: 1) D, 2) C, 3) D, 4) B, 5) D, 6) A, 7) A, 8) C, 9) D, 10) A

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