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Change is in the Air In only a matter of days, school will start up once again, ushering in the first cool front of the year! This upcoming school year is a significant one in my fatherhood. This year marks my youngest child’s final stint in grade school before she goes off to college, and I will become an official Empty Nester! My how the years have flown by. I have mixed emotions about that, but I am thankful to God for all of the wonderful years that I spent with my kids living at home. I also thank the Lord for their happiness and health, and pray these conditions follow them permanently. I am hopeful that one day soon I will start having grandchildren, but there’s no rush for that!
Correspondingly, if you peered at our cover this issue and tried to figure out what was dif-ferent, but were unable to do so, I’m thrilled to break the news that we changed our logo! My staff (and many others) have reminded me for quite some time me that it was time for a change, and after almost 13 years, we came up with this new logo. I was quite fond of our old logo; the dove in the cross signified Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River by John, with the Spirit descended from Heaven upon Him. However, the times have changed and we at the the Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazine family believe our new logo symbolizes our growth as a publication, due to the Lord’s many blessings. As always, we appreciate our loyal readers’ feedback! Your opinions are always welcome, whether focused on our logo change or otherwise.
Lastly, if you haven’t had the opportunity yet to like us on Facebook, please take a moment to do so. Visit our websites as well to check out our new and improved online presence. While you are there, you can sign up for our eMagazine under the “Subscribe” tab. Furthermore, the best way that you can support our ministry is to reach our to our advertisers and vocalize your appreciation to them for advertising in our magazines. Have a fantastic end to your summers and I pray that the Lord blesses you all!

Joseph R. Menslage
Katy Christian Magazine

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

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