The Best BBQ in Katy According to Two Pastors

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Adam Jungeblut has lived in Katy for more than 30 years. He is the pastor of Parkway Fellowship in North Katy, but his life is filled with more than just church work. It’s doused in rich culinary experience. Many locals trust Adam’s opinion on any eating establishment. Adam’s recommendations are always worth taking a second lick…oops we mean look. We asked him to share his opinion on the best barbecue in the Katy area.

Best BBQ in the Area According to Pastor Pit Boss

“Old Faithful”

Midway Bar-B-Q
6025 Hwy Blvd
Katy, TX 77494

What Pastor Pit Boss says about Midway…

Midway has been a staple in the Katy community for nearly 30 years.  I love walking in; I always see people I know. My kids love all the exotic mounts hanging in the restaurant and the macaroni & cheese!  On my first trip to Midway decades ago, I got the sliced brisket stuffed baked potato. It’s still the only thing I get to this day.  I pour more BBQ sauce on it than should be allowed.

“Save Room for Dessert”

Spring Creek Barbecue
21000 Katy Fwy
Katy, TX 77449

What Pastor Pit Boss says about Spring Creek…

“Who would want a dessert when you can have more meat?”  Those are words I like to live by when I’m eating BBQ; except when I’m at Spring Creek.  The peach cobbler with Blue Bell ice cream is my motivation to clean my plate.  If you haven’t had it yet…you’re welcome!

“Gotta Find Him First”

Daddy Duncan BBQ & Catering

What Pastor Pit Boss says about Daddy Duncan…

I first had Daddy Duncan’s at our grand opening earlier this year.  The BBQ sandwich and jalapeno & cheese sausage were ridiculously amazing.  I should have put some aside because, like always, they sold out of brisket.  Daddy Duncan is getting a storefront soon, but right now they are just a food truck.  Look them up on Facebook to find where Randy and his crew will be this week!

“All About this Sides”

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q
21799 Katy Fwy
Katy, TX 77450

What Pastor Pit Boss says about Rudy’s…

Normally BBQ restaurants are all about the meat. Rudy’s has got the sides to match it. Their creamed corn and new potatoes with extra butter are well worth the trip.  I normally get a little bit of smoked turkey with a lot of sides and a large sweet tea.  Oh and don’t get caught grabbing the Sissy Sauce!

“New King in Town”

Brett’s BBQ Shop
606 S Mason Rd.
Katy, TX

What Pastor Pit Boss says about Brett’s…

The best brisket in Katy!  And I’ve had a lot of BBQ brisket.  Brett’s BBQ Shop is relatively new to Katy.  Brett apprenticed at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, TX (the only BBQ restaurant in the country to be honored by the James Beard Foundation).  Brett’s BBQ Shop is for real!  If you find better brisket in town let me know…I’m still waiting! They also have some other specials I’m looking forward to trying, including the brisket enchiladas and the loaded mac and cheese. If you can’t decide, try the Butcher Sandwich – over 1/2 lb of brisket, turkey, sausage and chopped beef piled high, served on a sweet Hawaiian bun. Just go try it.

Best Tex-Mex in The Area According to Tex-Mex Mike

People call him Tex-Mex Mike. Mike is as a native Texan and Katy area resident for much of his life and the pastor at Parkway Fellowship on 1093 and 359. But Mike does more than pastor a church, though. He knows and has a seasoned opinion on just about every good food establishment in the area. Buy him some fajita nachos, and he might just become your best friend. When we asked his opinion of the best Mexican food establishments, he was delighted to taco bout it.

“The Torch Bearer”

Torchy’s Tacos
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd # N-100
Katy, TX 77494

What Tex Mex Mike has to say about Torchy’s…

Although this is a chain concept, Torchy’s lives up to its famed reputation. Every dish is outstanding. I haven’t had a single bad taco there. The creative way they mix ingredients to make different types of tacos is unrivaled. My favorite is the Democrat. Tender barbacoa, avocado, cotija cheese, cilantro, onions inside of a shell. Oh my, so good. Their naming system is a little out of the ordinary, but don’t let it confuse you.  Every taco is outstanding. Next time you’re there, try the Mr. Pink. It will make you fall in love with Fish Tacos all over again.

“Savor la Flavor”

Los Cucos
5831 Highway Boulevard
Katy, TX 77494

What Tex Mex Mike has to say about Los Cucos…

Los Cucos has been a staple Tex-Mex establishment for residents in Katy for many years. They have 23 locations now, but my favorite is still the original location in Old Katy. There’s another location nearby, just outside the Katy Mills Mall. But the grease is way better at the Old Katy location. Whatever is on the grill at the Old Katy location, really does make the difference. The overall flavor in every dish is superb. If you’ve never been, start with their fajita nachos.

“Las Fajitas Magicas”

Lupe Tortilla
703 West Grand Parkway South
Katy, TX 77494

What Tex Mex Mike has to say about Lupe Tortilla…

The convenient location isn’t the only thing to brag about Lupe Tortilla. Don’t try anything before you’ve ordered the fajitas. Oh my goodness! Lupe really outdid himself with the flavor. I almost skip right past the chips and salsa so I can save room for every bite of my entree. There really isn’t any place in our local area that can beat the fajitas at Lupe Tortilla.

“Oui Oui? Si Si!”

La Balance Cafe
8050 FM 359
Fulshear, TX 77441

What Tex Mex Mike has to say about La Balance Cafe…

I know what you might be thinking. “How did a French restaurant make it on a list of top 5 Mexican food places?” It’s very ironic, indeed. They boast their French cuisine, but they have become a local favorite for their breakfast burritos. The taste, flavor and composition beats any place in the area I’ve tried. The amount of meat they put in each burrito is incredible. Stop by and try one! It’ll add some balance to your taste buds, but you have to order them at the drive thru.

“Go! Go! Go to Gringos!”

Gringos Mexican Kitchen

What Tex Mex Mike has to say about Gringos…

This is a little further South than the readership of this magazine, but they wouldn’t call me Tex-Mex Mike if I didn’t include one of the best places to go. Every single bite is bursting with wonderful flavor. The chips and salsa, hands down, is the best around. I like the flavor and consistency of the salsa paired with their paper-thin chips. The red sauce is my first choice, but the green salsa is also noteworthy. Ask for the nachos with pulled pork. The first time I tried it, the flavor took me by surprise. Absolutely outstanding. I’d love to see them add this as a regular item. Who knows, if several of us keep ordering it, maybe they will! Two other items to top off your experience are the free soft serve ice cream and the churros. The ice cream is wonderful! But don’t try the ice cream without ordering the churros. The churros are long, soft, and are center-filled with another layer of goodness. Plus, I hear they are going to open a Gringos in Katy near 99 and I10 soon.

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