The Invisible Enemy

Hello, friends. I’m going to open up and tell you a little about myself as I write this column. I write about real testimonies from my life to encourage us to always follow God’s word communicated to us in the Bible, even when we don’t understand. I ask for His wisdom and knowledge every day to help me live for him, and to give me discernment for my life and from our adversary, the devil and his deceit. We see this in Genesis 3:1 as he convinces Eve, in the garden, that the tree was good to eat, although God had forbidden it. Listening to the devil, who was disguised as a serpent, both Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree. Afterward, they were ashamed and sin entered our world.

The devil’s purpose in our lives is to steal, kill, and destroy. According to 1 Peter 6:8, he’s a “roaring lion”.  Like so many of us, I too was in bondage to the enemy for many years. Satan’s main goal is to keep us from God and from entering into his kingdom. No matter how hard I tried to trust, believe, and honor God and to live a life in accordance with His purpose, bad things were always happening. I was abused by men in my life, I was homeless, and I struggled. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home with a single parent. I believed in God, but questioned, “Is He real?” I did not understand why He didn’t seem to care when I was hurting, when no one seemed to love me, and when I had nothing.

Growing up, neither my parents, nor anyone else in my life ever told me that they loved me. The enemy used that again me for most of my early life. He deceived me to believe that no one truly loved me. As a result, I sought love in men and allowed myself to be abused and misused by them.

Not even my family knew the depths of the pain, abuse, and agony I was feeling. I hid it well.  But, Satan was happy and eager for me to continue living in misery. Although I knew about God and I wanted a better life, Satan would keep me in bondage, whispering in my ear. He told me that no one would love me and that God simply didn’t care.

Not knowing how to end the cycle, one day I cried out to God full of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness. I found myself laying in the floor, not having the strength to move, sobbing for what seemed like hours and asking God – if He was truly real – to help me.

This was the day that I truly experienced God’s love for me. He revealed to me that He was real and the enemy could no longer control my mind and my life – keeping me separated from what Ephesians 3:19 calls, “love that surpasses all understanding.”

I wish I could tell you that all my problems disappeared that day, but that didn’t happen. What did happen is the Lord lifted me off that floor and, for the first time in my life, I felt free. I gained strength, felt love, and began to hear His voice. From that day on, I have not looked for validation in anyone or had to endure abuse from others in order to feel love.

Through this experience, I learned that God loves us – no matter what! He will come to you and meet you where you are. All we have to do is to ask Him to come into our lives and believe in him and his son Jesus. God tells us that He will give us eternal life.

As humans, we will make mistakes and we will not always do what is right. However, don’t let the enemy fool you into going back to the place where God has delivered you from. In this life, we will have disappointments, failures, sickness, loneliness, and pain. We live in a broken world and God never promised that we will be exempt from those things. However, Isaiah 54:17 reminds us that He has promised to walk beside us, strengthen us, and help us through those things.

So, friends, when the enemy comes into your life to interrupt it and cause destruction, always remember whom we serve. I have fought and won many battles in life where God has defeated the evil. God saved my life and he wants to do the same for you, by exposing the enemy and blessing your life.

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