Today’s Face of Conservatism

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In the old days, if you walked into a roomful of white folks, you could pretty much safely assume that more than half of them were Republicans. But that is no longer the case. How do you spot a Republican in these modern days? The answer is you can’t. The Democrats would like for you to continue believing that the Republican Party is still the party of old white men, for their own gains, of course. So, the question remains, what is the modern face of a Republican?

We can begin by recognizing what the modern face of the Republican Party is NOT. It is no longer the party of one-size-fits-most. It is me. It is you. It is your Hispanic next-door neighbor, your Indian-American friend down the street, the African-American at your church, and so on and so forth….. The answer is: it’s anyone who believes in God, in the Constitution, in freedom and liberty, in personal accountability, low taxes, and fiscal conservatism. Yes. The face of the Republican Party has definitely changed, or perhaps a better word is evolved.

As an immigrant to this wonderfully generous country, I understand the mentality of minorities, especially Asian-Americans, who left their motherlands far away to come here for opportunities and freedom. Asian-Americans typically are not politically active, and most are not even civically active, except in the comfort of their own communities and circles. Asian-Americans also have no party affiliation. They vote for whomever they can mostly relate to, and most often for the person who is of their own race or culture. They are, by far, some of the most educated and smartest people in our country, but the least informed voters. For far too long, through lies and clever deception, the Democrats have had a strangled hold on the minority voters. That trend needs to break, and soon.

The sad reality is the Republican Party’s message had failed, and is failing, to reach the minority voters. We keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Our state cannot afford to go blue. Our country cannot afford for Texas to go blue. But we’re heading that way. Unless we change, and quickly. We’re only catching up to what the Democrats have been doing for years – engaging minorities. They have been engaging minorities through lies and scare tactics. We must engage them by opening their eyes to the truths and facts.

You see, to win the hearts and minds of minority voters, the Republican Party MUST go to them. And I don’t mean only when we need their votes. Inviting them to the party has not worked and will not work. They’re too busy living their lives and making a living. We have to be a part of their communities, show up at their functions, care enough to listen to their concerns, and draw them into conversations. That is how we build trust and friendship. We have to go to them to show that their family values aligned solidly with the Republican values. We have to go to them to convey the message that we share the same common ideologies of faith, freedom, prosperity, and independence.

Lastly, we have to reach out to the minorities to show that our party, the Republican Party, is NOT the party of old white men. We need to show them that conservative values are intrinsic to compassion, not mutually exclusive from it. We need to show minorities that they will find more solace in faith-based conservative circles than among politicians who are bent on dividing our country by race, national origin, gender, socioeconomic class, or religion.

I am the perfect example of the modern face of the Republican Party. I am not a politician. I believe in God. I am a Constitutionalist. I believe in freedom and liberty. I want equal opportunity, not equal wealth. I am the Democrat’s worst nightmare, not because I am great, but because my eyes are wide open to their lies and deception. And they fear me because I am a proud conservative Republican minority.

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