Join Inauguration Eve Prayers for Peace

A movement has begun to pray for our country en masse this week, a collective effort to ensure that peace reigns over this year’s presidential inauguration. 

As the National Guard has set up forces at the Capitol, and state capitols around the nation are boarding up and standing guard, the country holds its collective breath that no more violence will occur during this transition of power. 

But while hope is understandable, prayer is powerful.

With that in mind, you are invited to join a special Inauguration Eve Meditation led by Patricia Cockerill of Southwest Florida Women’s Meditation Circle. It is available through conference call on Tuesday at 6:00 pm Central and is open to everyone across the nation. Spiritual centers of various faiths will participate in the call, which will include non-denominational prayer and meditation. To participate, you must set up an account with Free Conference Call first. Just go to . Then call that number at 6:00 pm and join in with the group for a collective outpouring of peace.

Other organizations and movements are embracing the call for prayer, as well, and encouraging your participation.

Jim Wallis, the founder of the Christian social justice group Sojourners, is a lead organizer of the event #PeaceWithJustice. The event is a virtual gathering of prayer warriors who seek to “move beyond the emotions of anger and fear” and toward the moral truth of communal reconciliation. “Prayer is action, in my view,” Wallis said. The effort hopes to promote unity through action that will help people feel less hopeless about the state of our country. 

The event features a multidenominational Zoom prayer service to be held on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, when President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, participants plan a daylong chorus of testimony and other statements on Twitter in the hopes of restoring a sense of harmony to a transition of power that has been marred by violence.

Prominent Christian leaders will be participating in the event, including Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church; Walter Kim, president of the National Association of Evangelicals; Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder, National Commander of the Salvation Army; and Barbara Williams-Skinner, co-convener of the National African American Clergy Network.

By using social media to spread Christian messages and prayer, the group also hopes that the 12-hour blitz will create a “thunderclap” that gets the attention of both Big Tech and the social media community. You can join one or all of their efforts – details can be found at

If you prefer to participate in a local gathering, many churches are holding prayer vigils, both in-person and online. Or, you can just stay where you are and set aside time to stop everything you are doing to lift your prayers to God. He tells us that “where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.” You are urged to gather family and friends in any venue that gives you comfort and to focus your prayers on a peaceful transition. Pray that God grants the strength and courage of our new president to do what is needed to protect and preserve our American traditions and values.

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Dr. Rebecca Deurlein
Dr. Rebecca Deurlein

Rebecca Deurlein is the author of Teenagers 101: What a top teacher wishes you knew about helping your kid succeed, and President of Teenager Success 101, a one-on-one academic coaching company dedicated to helping kids find success. She blogs and writes internationally, speaks to parents across the nation, and loves every minute of living in Sugar Land, TX. Find her on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Huffington Post, or through her own blog A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Teenagers. All can be accessed at